The Top 10 Greatest Mods Of All Time For Stardew Valley

In this article, we will be showing you the top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley. These are the most downloaded and the most played mods ever since mods became an item for Stardew Valley.

You can find all the mods on Nexus mods; here is the link to check them out for yourself

We will give you information on what they do, why they are so popular and which one ranks number one.

Number 10. Stardew Valley expanded mod

This mod is relatively new compared to the other mods on the list but is already climbing to be one of the most popular mods of all time. This mod is called the Stardew Valley expanded mod.

This mod adds a lot more to Pelican town. You’ve got new areas to explore. There are new quests, new stories, new NPC’s to talk to, new buildings, a few things that have changed around the town, and tons of new stuff to the game.

For example, The adventures guild has been moved from the top of the map to the bottom of the pier. This change is one example of the many things that you can change. It would help if you, however, went exploring. You should take a look around because there are plenty of things to see and check out.

If you don’t want to install it yourself, Click on the article to see what the mod is all about because it is impressive. You can enter and explore Pelican town in great detail compared to the Vanilla game. ‘ ‘It’s very well made. Suppose you are getting fed up with Stardew Valley or have completed it lots of times. In that case, the expanded mod allows you to get that nostalgia back with tons of new things to explore. The expanded mod is for you to make things exciting and add new stuff to Stardew Valley.

Number 9. The U.I. info suite

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
UI info suite

This mod is called the U.I. info suite. This mod essentially gives you details of things around your game without cheating. When you are mining rocks, you will now see the XP points that you get. Also, the bar on the bottom left tells you the number of XP points you have in total and when you will level up your mining skill. This bar goes up with every activity you do, watering crops, which is your farming skill. You got mining, woodcutting, and fishing. You will now see at the bottom left your XP points.

There are a lot of new things in this mod. For example, you can skip checking the television. Because you now have a dice icon underneath your money in the right upper corner. The dice will determine whether you’re going to have a lucky or an unlucky day. This way, you can always keep on top of your luck.

If you now go into your inventory, you’ll see a billboard. The billboard will tell you the help-wanted things that get posted every day, rather than going all the way down to the billboard in Pelican Town. If you are far away and don’t have enough time to go there, you can always check the billboard in your inventory. You can go into the settings. If you press escape, you will find the U.I. info mod options. The U.I. info mod options will give you a checklist of what you want to see. The list looks like the image shown here.

Show crop and barrel times. Very useful! For example, when you highlight over a barrel where you’ve put some fruit in, it will tell you exactly how many in-game hours and minutes the keg finishes production.

There are loads more options. Just install the mod and find out.

Number 8. The tractor mod

The beloved tractor mod is a trendy mod with the community. This mod gives you a tractor garage that you can buy from Robin, the carpenter. It will provide you with a drivable tractor which you can use to harvest, water plants, crops, till the soil, and it’s convenient to speed things up on the farm. Once you install the mod, go to Robin, and you can install it on the farm. It costs 150000 gold, and you need some rare resources: an iron bar, an iridium bar, and a battery pack to build it.

The tractor is not very fast, but if you use speed buffs such as drinking coffee or eating certain foods. It will speed things up, and it could become one of the greatest tools ever in Stardew Valley.

Suppose you want to plant some seeds. Get some seeds. Select the seeds while driving the tractor, and you will plant them quickly in the ground.

Additionally, if you’ve installed the U.I. info suite, you’ll see how long it will take to grow.

Number 7. Automate

This next mod, automate, is a popular one. This mod allows you to make chained productions. It automatically produces and takes items from the crafting machines, puts them into chests, and constantly works without you having to do anything.

You could, for instance, make a simple production chain by placing a chest and a recycling machine next to each other. Place driftwood that you’ve caught when you were fishing in the chest. The driftwood will automatically feed the recycling machine. Eventually, the recycling machine will produce wood. The wood will go straight into the chest. And the cycle repeats until there is no more driftwood in the chest.

Number 6. The CJB show item sell price

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
CJB show item sell price

The CJB show items sell price is a simple mod that does what it says. Hover over your items, and it will tell you their price, either the single thing or what it sells for in a stack.

For example, suppose you’ve managed to get 999 Crystal fruit wine. Hover over the Crystal fruit wine. You can find out precisely what amount of money you will make from that stack or a single item without having to sleep and wait to the end screen once you have shipped it. This mod is handy if you want to know what you make in a day or per item without going to sleep.

This mod is popular, and a lot of people are using and downloading it. Very simple, straightforward, and very handy to have.

Number 5. The gift taste helper

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
Gift taste helper

This one is the gift taste helper. Going into the calendar, you hover over somebody’s birthday. It will tell you everything that each character loves. He gives you an idea of what gifts to give them for their birthdays without having to search Wikipedia to learn about their nature by trial and error. You are going to be able to see precisely everybody’s favorite items on the calendar. It is straightforward to do.

You will want to know what items NPCs love because it’s a headache trying to figure out what they are.

Social tab
You can also go into your social tab and hover over every person you’ve spoken with. The mod will also tell you their favorite gifts as well rather than going to the calendar. You can use it either way. If you’ve been introduced to the people already and learned about them, you can use the social tab. People you’ve not met, you can’t find out their items; you got to introduce yourself to them first. So there are two ways to find out the preferred gift for NPC’s.

Number 4. Lookup anything

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
Lookup anything

This mod, lookup anything, goes further than only finding out people’s favorite gifts. Look up anything, goes a bit further, and lets you find out everything about anything else.

The only thing you need to do is hover over an item, a character, an object, or a crop. Subsequently, press the F1 key, and the mod will bring up a lot of information about the item you’ve selected.

For example, you can go into the shop and find out more about Marnie.

This mod, lookup anything, is pretty similar to mod 5, the gift taste helper. Hover your mouse over Marnie and press F1. The mod will bring up a little box where the mod will tell you details about Marnie, her birthday, her friendship status with you, her loved gifts, etc. If you scroll further down, you can find out her neutral gifts. Which are the gifts she is not going to hate or love.

It’s as simple as that. Lookup anything is a simple and easy mod. Although, as stated earlier, quite similar to mod five, the gift taste helper. Lookup anything gives information on anything, like, for instance, forage items like the Wild Horseradish.

Lookup anything is a handy mod if you want to find out everything in the game, of every item, every person. You name it, “lookup anything” will give you the information.

Let’s go to the top three.

Number 3. The CJB item spawner

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
CJB item spawner

CJB item spawner is a cheats mod. With the CJB item spawner, you can spawn in any item you want in the game. Effectively, making this a cheats mod. The mod allows you to go into the items spawner by pressing “I” (the “I” for ice cream) on the keyboard, and you can spawn in every item in the game, tools, equipment, seeds, crops, and so on. You can spawn in an item with a specific quality. You can even spawn in decoration items and miscellaneous items that aren’t meant to be in the game that you can buy or even access.

This mod is more for advanced players who have completed the game, and they got a little bored and want to experience different things.

This mod can always come in handy. For example, making videos, if you need a particular item rather than waiting years to get it, you can spawn one. It’s a very cheeky and a very popular mod.

Number 2. NPC map locations

The top 10 greatest mods of all time for Stardew Valley
NPC map locations

The next mod is NPC map locations. If you go into your map, this mod will allow you to see where every NPC is in the town at any given time without having to run around the map. We can now see exactly where people are. If you want to talk to a particular person or you need to give them a gift or do a quest, and you’ve got not much time in the day, this will tell you exactly where people are.

A very loved mod and downloaded for many years. This feature should have been in the original game. Without it, it is tough to find people. The NPC has its little routine, and time goes by quickly. This map allows you to find people easily, fast, and even meet new people.

Number 1. CJB cheats menu

The most downloaded. The most popular Stardew Valley mod of all time. Since mods became a thing for Stardew Valley many years ago, this mod has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on Nexusmods alone.

The CJB cheats menu is similar to the items spawn but rather pressing I. If you press P on the keyboard or whatever you have set it to, you can change that in the controls. When you press P, you can change everything. You can have infinite stamina, infinite speed, or give yourself money. You can do everything. You can cheat the game to the max. You will be the wealthiest person ever, but it does ruin the experience of the beloved Stardew Valley.

We do recommend you to be an advanced player of the game. You have completed this game without the cheats first. Then experiment with this cheat mod. Or suppose you are a Stardew valley creator on Youtube. In that case, the cheats menu is incredible because it allows you to show and make videos without playing through the days, skip days, skip time, and be faster. It just helps a lot.


Showing the most popular mods on the list hasn’t changed that much during the years.  There are a few different ones on the list. Some of the newer mods in this list are the U.I. info suite, the tractor mod, and the Stardew Valley expended mod.

These “old” mods are still popular to this day. But the CJB menu items spawner, the NPC map locations, the lookup anything mod, and even the automate mod are still on this list. All these older mods have in common is that they change the game, which is what people understandably like.

These were the top 10 most popular mods in the history of Stardew Valley. You can find all these mods on Nexus mods.

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