Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Ranked

In this article, we will be showing you a list of the best to worst of all of the marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. We’re going to rank every marriage and have some disclaimers for you. At the end you’ll find all Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked in a list.

The list is our ranking on how we think these Stardew marriage candidates stack up against each other.

We have three categories that we are judging on,

  1. Attractiveness, are they hot, is their personality attractive.
  2. Their storyline, and we will be specifically looking at their heart events, and not anything else. The heart events range from the beginning up to their 14th heart event.
  3. Would they be a good farm wife or husband? You are getting married to this person, and they need to fit into your lifestyle. We think it is essential to factor in how good a spouse they will be in Stardew Valley.

We will examine the candidates in alphabetical order so that there is no favoritism.

First up is,

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


She is our Goth gamer queen. When it comes to her attractiveness, she is an 8.5. She has a certain aesthetic, which most people who are the audience for Stardew Valley will appreciate. She is cute and has a good vibe going, so she is rated high.

Storyline-wise, it is pretty good, it isn’t the best, it has some struggles, and she doesn’t have the greatest relationship with her parents. She wants to branch out. The story is fine, but there’s not much growth to the end besides her going down the mine. When it comes to the storyline, there should be an exciting arc. While hers is interesting, it doesn’t quite cut it. We rate her storyline at a 7; it’s an okay storyline, but not the best in the game.

Would she be a good farm wife? I gave her a 7.5. We think she’s good, but we don’t think she will be helping around the farm too much.

Attractiveness: 8.5
Storyline: 7
Farmwife: 7.5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Alex is the stereotypical hot white boy. Female players would be into him. Therefore, we gave him a 9. He ranks high.

When it comes to the storyline, we think that Alex has one of the better storylines in the game because he starts as a superficial guy who only cares about sports. He doesn’t remember your name. It seems like he is not that interesting. But then you get into a storyline and learn why he’s living with his grandparents. You learn about his abusive father and the death of his mother. The struggle already happened for Alex. The storyline is him coming out of his shell for you and becoming a real person. His storyline is an 8.5.

When it comes to being a farm husband, we can only give him a 5. He has these big dreams and wants to be a famous grid ballplayer. Would that have happened if you didn’t come around? Who knows. But you are stunting his ambitions a little bit. And all he does on the farm is work out and wander around. He is cute and attentive, therefore not rated lower than a 5.

Attractiveness: 9
Storyline: 8.5
Farm husband: 5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Next is Elliot, he is the romantic Fabio wannabe. He’s got luscious hair; he’s got that going for him. He is pretty conventionally attractive. We rate him at a 7.5.

When it comes to storyline Elliotts falls into the same category Sam, which we will discuss later in this article. There’s not a lot happening. Besides, I’m writing a book and starting a band. Oh, and I need help with it. There’s not much there in terms of a story arc. That’s why he only gets a 5. His storyline is not that interesting. Anyone else’s storyline is much preferred.

When it comes to his future life on the farm, he won’t make a good farm husband. He already has a job. He’s a writer, so he spends most of his time writing. As a husband, most of his relationship is just pretty words. It’s cute, but he is a 5.5 at best.

Attractiveness: 7.5
Storyline: 5
Farm husband: 5.52

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


We don’t like Emily, that much as a marriage candidate. Emily is super sweet. But instead of being a player’s girlfriend, she would be more suitable as Sandy’s girlfriend. Her attractiveness is average. She is a 4.5. However, you might be into her.

Her storyline is pretty dull and is therefore rated the lowest at 3.5. There is not a lot happening for the player.

As a farm husband or wife, her life would not change that much if she lived with you. She’s just going to do her own thing already. She doesn’t gain anything from living on the farm. She gets a five as a farmwife. She is a super cool character, but she’s not a great match for the player character.

Attractiveness: 4.5
Storyline: 5
Farmwife: 5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Next up is Emily’s sister Haley. The developers designed Haley as a stereotypical hot blonde girl. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she gets a nine for attractiveness.

Her storyline is not great, but she does show growth, which is one of the things to look for in a storyline. She starts of standoffish and doesn’t like you very much. She’s very concerned with appearances. No shame for that, but it is something that comes up a lot in her storyline. Whereas by the end, she gets a little dirty. She’s okay with it, laughing and opening up. And by the 14th heart event, she shows compassion and has grown as a person. Therefore, she gets a higher rating for her storyline than other people who are not on the favorites list. Her storyline is 5.5.

As a farmwife, she gets a 4.5. Even with this growth, she would not make a good farm wife. She’s not going to have fun on the farm. Just set her free let her live.

Attractiveness: 9
Storyline: 5.5
Farmwife: 4.5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


He is one of the only marriage candidates who has a full-time job as a doctor. He has that going for him. For attractiveness, he gets a 4. How attractive you find someone is more of a taste thing. Although his haircut seems nice, he’s too quiet.

Most of his storyline is a little bit boring, especially some of the earlier heart events. But the main part of his storyline is that he wanted to be a pilot when he was younger. However, Harvey is afraid of heights. So he did not become a pilot. By his tenth heart event, Harvey takes you up on a hot air balloon, and he’s facing his fears of heights. For showing growth and showing that he is evolving as a person, Harvey gets a 6.5 for his storyline.

There isn’t much in it for him when it comes to him being a future farm husband. He’s a doctor and doesn’t need your income from the farm. By moving in with you, you are effectively increasing his commute. So moving him into the farm is not the best thing. But in his 14th heart event, he’s adorable. He makes your food. He’s a very attentive husband. So for that, he gets a 6.5.

Attractiveness: 4
Storyline: 6.5
Farmwife: 6.5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Leah is a favorite character with a friendly vibe. For attractiveness, she gets a 7.5.

Leah is pretty similar to Elliot. She is also writing a book and asks for help to make her art show. Identical in that vein, but it introduces her ex. The twist is that her ex takes the same gender as the player character. If you play as a girl, her ex is her ex-girlfriend.  When it comes to her storyline, she gets a 7.5. It shows her growth in that and her standing up for herself with her ex.

Leah is one of the only figures that can be seen as a fully functional adult. She chose to move to Stardew Valley. She makes her own income. Leah makes her own life choices Lea is an independent woman who doesn’t need the player character. Her life doesn’t change that much if she lives on the farm. That is why her storyline gets a six. She is a powerful woman who doesn’t need a husband or wife. It’s hard to see her moving onto the farm and being a farmwife as an integral part of her character.

Attractiveness: 7.5
Storyline: 7.5
Farmwife: 6

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Maru is a woman in science. She is awesome. For attractiveness, she gets a 6.5. She’s pretty cute. Maru is not one of the bombshells like Alex or Haley.

Her storyline is a 6.5 because she did not have that growth factor that we are looking for. Her life is pretty good. She’s making a robot and completes the robot. But overall, it was not the most engaging storyline. You’re just witnessing her storyline.

That also feeds into her future on the farm. She gets a 6 because her life wouldn’t change that much. She would be going to move her lab onto the farm. Moving to the farm wouldn’t make a significant impact on her life. She would be attentive, but she got her own thing going on, and she doesn’t need you.

Attractiveness: 6.5
Storyline: 6.5
Farmwife: 6

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Continuing to Penny, the sweetest person alive. There are a lot of Penny fans out there. She is sweet, and it is understandable why people are attracted to her. She’s a 7, she’s cute, but she’s certainly not the most conventional gorgeous person in Stardew Valley.

Her storyline is a 6. There’s a lot of growth that happens between Penny and her mom’s relationship. However, the change happens outside of Penny’s storyline. Like building her the house and interactions with Pam, don’t necessarily come from romancing Penny. Most of her storyline it’s her hanging out with the kids. It’s sweet and cool. The arc and growth that we are looking for in her heart scene events lack in her storyline.

And finally, her future as a farm wife, she gets a 9.5. She would be the perfect housewife; she wants to have kids and live on a farm, and it takes her out of her abusive household. She gets to do what she wants to do. Penny is the highest in the ranking for marriage candidates. She would be amazing at this.

Attractiveness: 7
Storyline: 6
Farmwife: 9.5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Now on to Sam. Sam is a seven for attractiveness. He’s cute. He’s not the most conventionally attractive, but he got some things going for him, besides the haircut.

Similar to Elliot, there’s not a lot going on when it comes to his storyline. He’s in a band, eventually going to play a show. Come see it. It’s a typical storyline when it comes to dating someone. That’s why his storyline is a five.

For him living on the farm for the rest of the days would be an improvement for Sam. By bringing him on the farm, he no longer has to work at the JoJo mart. It’s giving Sam a source of income. However, it’s established that he can’t cook. He’s not the brightest. Sam is no brains, just vibes. That’s what you get with Sam. He gets a five as a farm husband.

Attractiveness: 7
Storyline: 5
Farm husband: 5

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Sebastian is our Goth gamer king. Sebastian is good-looking, got that emo thing going for him, and he is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. The vibes Sebastian gives off are friendly. That’s why he is an eight on attractiveness.

Sebastian gets an eight for his storyline. The storyline is a bit similar to Alex’s. At first, Sebastian is a little shy and reserved. You are going to understand his job with programming. You get to learn about his wants and move out of the city. It’s not the best storyline for an arc, but I got extra points for having the best heart event in the game, the DnD heart event. That’s why his storyline is rated higher.

For his future as a husband on the farm, he also gets an eight. Sebastian is not the type of person to help out on the farm, but what changes for him. Sebastian is established, supports himself, has a programming job. A lot of the post-marriage conversation is about him having more freedom and not living with his mom anymore. He’s able to pursue his interests. He creates a new interest in the 14 heart event with the frogs. Having a constant source of income from the farm, he doesn’t have to live off of his computer skills anymore so he can enjoy gaming and programming more. Moving to the farm gets him out of his shell; it shows growth.

Attractiveness: 8
Storyline: 8
Farm husband: 8

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked


Finally, the chicken-loving man Shane. Shane gets a seven on attractiveness. He has a dad-bod vibe going for him. However, he’s not the most attractive person in Stardew Valley.

Storyline-wise, for him, it is a ten. He shows growth, improvement and that he is a loving, caring partner.

When it comes to him being a farm husband, he is a nine. He grew up on a farm, and he loves chickens, Shane wants to be there, and he will help you on the farm. He will be such a good farm husband.

Attractiveness: 7
Storyline: 10
Farmwife: 9


What we did to get the final rankings were averaging their scores. In the list below we’ll show how the marriage candidates ranked. The final rankings from 1 to 12 are as follows:

Stardew Valley marriage candidates ranked

It is no surprise that Shane is at the top. Neither is the bottom a surprise with Emily and Harvey.

A couple of things about this were surprising. Since Haley isn’t that likable, we expected Haley to be a little bit lower. It helps to keep an open mind about these things. You might discover that you like someone better than you initially thought.

Sebastian and Abigail are also near the top. Sebastian and Abigail are similar when it comes to differences, but they have similar vibes.

Penny is also towards the top. Shane proves to be once again the best husband in Stardew Valley.

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