Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
My time at Portia

Did you just start playing My Time Portia? Or are you a returning player after a bunch of updates? Want to find out what you need to be aware of from the start of this game? You have come to the right address. Here we will discuss ten essential for My Time At Portia tips. These tips will be especially useful if you are somebody that is just diving into it now.

1.     Stamina

Use up all of your stamina before the day is out. Before, it is either time to go to bed or the pass out time. You want to make sure that you have used up all of your stamina. Especially within the first month or two of the game, as resources are vital. There are a lot of different reasons that you are going to need—for instance, stone, wood, copper ore, and so on. So you should just be making sure that you are collecting resources as often as possible. Even if you only have like an hour before the pass out time. If you just run and chop down a tree or two, it is going to help you in the long run. Especially as furnaces can be costly to maintain.

2.     Machines

Always have your machines producing. Even if you think that you don’t need to make anything, or also if no quest requires a particular something. I would always say to have your machines producing a little something. Whether it’s just a few extra hardwood planks or you are going to make a few other fiber cloth and so on. It is always useful even things like copper pipes, especially in the beginning. If you can, you just want to keep making stuff non-stop. So then that way, when you either get a commission or there is a mission that comes up that needs a particular something. You already have a sweet stockpile of it. So you don’t have to waste time waiting for everything to build before you can make or turn in whatever it is that you need to do.

3.     Charcoal

You should start making charcoal as soon as possible. Charcoal is a resource that doesn’t seem needed at the start of the game. However, later on, you’re going to have to make carbon steel and a lot of the different things that you will be building in mid to end game require carbon steel. So get ahead of it and start making as soon as you can. You can then just store it. And as a bonus within the first few weeks of getting the commissions occasionally, you will run across somebody who is going to tell you that he/she needs x amount of charcoal and you’ll already have it made. So you can easily and quickly complete a commission.

4.     Fluctuating prices

If you head over to any of the different vendors in town, you will notice that there is a little percentage sign above all the items that they are selling. Now that percentage is the same one across all of the vendors in town. You don’t have to mind the vendors having different rates. What that means is that is either how much something is above or below its regular base price.

So, for instance, if you see something at 115 percent, it is more expensive that day than it would be at its base 100 percent. Or if you see something, for instance, at 70 percent, then it is going to be a lot cheaper than it usually is.

A great rule of thumb is to make sure that you are selling stuff on days that you see a very high percentage. You are only buying things on days that you see a low rate. Especially if you are somebody that wants to get a lot of furniture for your house or a lot of different paints and wallpaper. That stuff can get very costly. So if you are making sure that you are buying them on days when it is in the 70%, you are going to save a lot of money and also make yourself a lot of money by selling stuff when you see 120% or even higher.

5.     Data discs

Bring data discs to Petra at the research center as early as possible and start turning them in for the different blueprints. It’s how you get the different designs for the various machines that you’ll need down the road. If you stay ahead of it, you won’t have to worry about scrambling to get those blueprints when a particular mission is due.

A lot of the different machines that you see in your workshop are going to come from the research center. So just make sure to stay ahead of that. You don’t want to be caught mid to endgame, and you’re like oh crap I need x building, but I don’t have it because I haven’t researched it. There is a schedule for what order you get things in. If you are far behind, you can find yourself in an instance where you going to need to turn in three different disks, and those take a few days to process through and get in the mail.

So if you are staying on top of them, it’ll make your life a lot easier and also make your mid to end game experience a lot more pleasant.

6.     Timed and non-timed missions

You have timed missions and missions that are not. Check your journal to find your timed or non-timed missions. Most of the time, the Commerce Commissions are all timed tasks. And then you might get some from different villagers that are going to timed missions as well. 90% of the time, though, would always mean those big main story missions, for instance, the initial starting mission for Amber Island is non-timed. So you can do a whole bunch of other things, gathering of resources, use it to catch your breath and then complete it whenever you like. But just make sure you are aware of which mission is timed or not. That way, you don’t accidentally fail a task and get a negative affinity with anybody.

7.     Upgrade workbench

Get your workbench upgraded as soon as possible. When you go to the left of the community center, you will find a store there. Inside you will discover Gust and Albert working. In their store, there is a table that you can interact with, and when you interact with it, you see your entire workshop, and there you can upgrade certain things. You can move some of the larger pieces around, and you can even build new things such as stables, barns, and so on.

The workbench has a lot of different blueprints that you are going to need. It also has things like ax upgrades, pickaxe upgrades, and more. You want to get that first initial level as soon as possible. Also don’t finish off that first initial build a bridge to Ember Island mission. Don’t complete that just yet, until you get your workbench to level two. Because nearly instantly after that mission, you will need the blueprints that are in that level two workbench. Therefore, make sure that you are getting that workbench upgraded as quickly as possible. That way, you will have more fun time playing, because you’re not going to grind for that upgrade. So get that workbench upgraded.

8.     Double affinity

Holidays and birthdays give a double affinity to villagers when you provide them with a gift. You can view all of the holidays on your calendar and see when a holiday is coming up. Before the holiday comes up, you can gather or craft whatever you need for gifts for either villagers that you are looking to become better friends with or just people that you like. That way, when the holiday rolls around, you just need to find them and give them their presents. They usually all gather in a particular spot for that. So it’s easy to start handing out gifts, and it’s an effortless way to get yourself some excellent affinity with them.

9.     Access workshop storage

You can access your workshop storage from any of your storage chests. That’s right; if you have multiple storage chests, you can access all of that inventory from any one of your storage chests. You just roll through, and you can see the different menus for each of the storage chests, which will make your life a lot easier as you are going through and trying to find stuff.

An even cooler thing is you can label each of your storage chests so you can keep things organized that way, and if you would like, you can keep all of your storage chests in your house. Or if you have the first house upgrade, you can put it on that little second-floor porch balcony kind of thing and just keep them up there. And only have one or two on the actual workshop floor if you’d like. That way, you can access everything easily.

As a result, you don’t have a million storage chests that you’re tripping over. That’s what you have to consider when you’re starting to organize all of the inventory.

10. Civil core office

My last tip is that if you don’t like fighting or having to farm the different animals for resources or you’re not a massive fan of going into the hazardous ruins to kind of farm that way. You can go ahead and go to the civil core office and hire them to get you specific resources. That way, you don’t have to go ahead and farm it yourself. Or if you are somebody that doesn’t mind farming but you do need a lot of one particular resource. It is a great way to get yourself a bunch of one specific resource quickly.

Those are my top ten tips for starting with My Time At Portia. If you have started playing the game, I hope you are enjoying it and if you are returning to the game after a bunch of updates that have happened over the last couple of years. I hope you are enjoying those updates as well.

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