How To Manage Era Score In Civ 6

In this article, we will guide you on how to manage era score in Civ 6. Keep in mind before you start and as you go along, the era score ties in with a collection of systems in the game, but we will only address the era’s score. Civ 6 is a very complicated and subjective game.

Firstly, you have to establish that there are eras in the game of which score is relevant to them or applies to them somehow.

The easiest method to check out the different eras is going to the Tech tree or the Civics tree (if you’re more of a culture victory person).

In most games, you can start in any era you prefer. Start in the Ancient Era here, and as you go through, you got all your Ancient era stuff. You move to the Classical Era, The Medieval Era, The Renaissance era, all the way to the future era.

As you play through a Civilization game, you’ll be scored based on your performance in each era.

How you attain the score is very simple in concept but very complicated in nature. We will address all the different methods to get scores later on.

You can find out which era you’re in. If you are not familiar with or don’t know your score, go to the bottom right. The score in the image below is zero. 11 or above will be the next threshold to avoid a Dark Age.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

 The Era Progress Screen

Open the page up, and you have entered the era progress screen. Which looks like this:

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

Up top, you have the turns until the next Era: This isn’t score-related, but the turns until the next era varies between 40 to 60 turns. It varies on the AI, depending on how far ahead you are. It’s based upon how many people are in the next era. Suppose plenty of people check-in from the Ancient Era to the Classical Era. In that case, it will activate the countdown to begin the Classical Era here. If you’re playing a lower difficulty, your eras, on average, will be more extended, giving you a greater chance to attain plenty of points. If you play a higher difficulty, your eras will get shorter because the AI keeps pushing the eras forward.

You have a profile picture as you go along just below, which doesn’t help, but it tells you about your current score in this era and current age. It’s important to know that this current score is the score that will apply to the next era. The current age is for the era you are currently in. Here is where you can tell if your score is enough to hit one of the four ages.

There are four different types of ages you can hit in Civilization 6:

  • Dark age
  • Normal age
  • Golden age

The fourth one doesn’t show up.

How to get a new age in the next era

The higher score you have, the better your age will be, and it gives you thresholds. Your score is currently 0 because you haven’t done anything yet to be scored on. The thresholds are as follows.

Dark age: to avoid a dark age, you need a score of more than 10.
Normal age: if you have a score of 12- 23, it’s the normal age.
Golden age: you need a score of more than 24. It will give you a threshold.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

The score will update with the games. You can always click this tab here, and the information will always be current and updated.

Heroic age

The absent age on the screen is the Heroic age. A Heroic age is a slightly modified Golden age. If you are in Golden age and go to another Golden age, you have now achieved another regular Golden age. If you’re in a Normal age and go to Golden age, you will get a normal Golden age.

How to get a Heroic age

If you skip the middle part and have enough scores, you will be able to go from the Dark age to the Golden age. That’s how you get a Heroic age. Later on, we will address how that can be modified.

Here is one of the most important concepts to know. As we advance, once you get past the amount for a Golden age, any extra scores will not transfer to the next era, and it will go to waste.

Score calculation

The game recalculates each era of how much era score you need to get a Dark age, a Normal age, or Golden age. When it calculates the numbers, it takes into account what your current era score is. These numbers in each era will be different in every game.

Let’s explain with the following example.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

Let’s review our situation here. We have nine turns left in the era in this game and need a 49 era score for a golden age. Our current age is normal. Currently, we have a score of 46, and you need three more scores to get a Golden age. The maximum score to get a Golden is 49. More than that will be a waste.

Once you get to your Golden age, be sure not to go over your score. There are several options to collect era scores. Going over your maximum amount is not ideal because the extra scores will not transfer into the next era. And plenty of scores you can only use one time.

The reason that’s a problem is if you go into a Golden age. You’re over the maximum amount. You will take away plenty of opportunities to get era scores that will apply later and make it more likely that you will get the Dark age later in the game.

The Historic moment

The CIV Wiki is the optimum place to learn about anything civilization. The Historic moment Wiki is your best friend when it comes to checking out era scores. Here is the link.

How to collect Era scores

Scroll down this page to the list of Historic moments. It’ll tell you almost all the methods of how you can collect era scores in the game. You can sort it by moment, Era score, and you can sort it by era.

Basically, the Historic moments list is an extensive reference list conveniently located together. You can use this any time you’re in a pinch and need era score quickly. Or if you’re trying to learn what gives era scores and what doesn’t.

A couple of examples from the Historic moments list

We will not go through every example for each one of these.

  1. Firstly we will address that some opportunities for era score only happen in specific eras.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

For instance, Tribal Villages, if you step on a Tribal Village, it will give you one era score, but only until the Ancient era is over. This chart tells you that you can collect Tribal Village throughout the entire game. Still, find a Tribal Village in the Modern era. It will not give you this one era score because the maximum amount you can collect is the Ancient era.

When looking through the chart, keep in mind that some methods of collecting era scores have an expiration date. Tribal Villages are an excellent example.

  1. The next thing to remember is that you can get an era score anytime until a specific era ends.

Some have a minimum era, where it doesn’t start until a specific time. The maximum era is up until this era ends, not when it begins.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

For instance: your First Bustling City has reached a population of 10 for the first time in your Civilization. It doesn’t have a minimum era, it’s there the whole time, but you have to do it before the Industrial era ends. That’s basically what this chart is telling you.

Like we mentioned earlier, some methods of collecting era scores have some expiry date. Suppose you were unable to collect the era score before the Industrial era. The chance of getting it will be lost to you forever.

  1. Some things are only available to the first person in the game to do them.

That means if you’re playing at a lower difficulty, it is more likely to be you.

Suppose you’re playing on a higher difficulty. In that case, it is more likely that the opportunity will not be available for you as somebody has already done it first.

A good example of that is the World’s First Army. If we aren’t the first to form an army, then we don’t get these two extra era scores. It will only go to who constructs the World’s First Army. Same type of thing you’ll have with the World’s First Armada, World’s First Corps and so on.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

All these world’s firsts means if you don’t do them before any of the other AI, then that opportunity is gone. It’s only available to the first person to do all these things.

  1. Doing it first and doing it at all

There are opportunities in the game that will give you more era scores for achieving it first but will still give your era score for achieving it at all.

An excellent example of this is Circumnavigation. The World’s first Circumnavigation will give you 5 era score.

Historic moment list 4

In the list, you’ll also find regular World Circumnavigated, and it gives you a score of 3.

Historic moment list 5

If you Circumnavigate the World’s first, you will get 5 era scores, but if you do it at all, you will get 3. Doing this opportunity gets you three era scores. However, getting it first will give you the extra 2 era scores, which are only available to the first person who does it.

There are loads of opportunities to get era scores on here to do. Understanding what you’re doing can help you manage and time it. That’s undoubtedly going to bring you the most amount of era scores and Golden ages as possible.

For instance, building splendid districts will give you era score every time you build a splendid district here. A campus that gives you +3 science, a commercial hub that gives you +4 gold, etc.

How to Manage Era Score in Civ 6

These are opportunities that you want to do, and doing them will provide you with era scores. These are the most optimum method to manage it early on.

There are some things on here that you want to avoid doing. An excellent example of this would be general defeating an enemy. This opportunity is something that happens all the time in a domination game. Still, if you’re not going domination, this is something if you wanted this two era score, you’d have to go out of your way to do it. You’d have to build the encampments to get the great general. The general would then have to declare war on someone like it’s a process to get this era score if it’s not something you were doing in your natural gameplay path. This process is something you would not do every game. So it’s good to know that you’ll not do all the opportunities on the list. Reading the list and knowing what’s on it and which you can use will help you in your games.

The Era score management

In the era score management is the part where things get complicated. It depends on the Civ game and the state that you are playing. It’s essential to be adaptable because it will not apply to every game and situation.

Which opportunities do you want to hold off on doing and which you will do if you ever want to manage your era score? And which are things you want to do anyway? Era score management has to do with being sure not to go over your maximum amount and not to misspend the next era’s score. This strategy only applies if you are over the maximum amount for your era.

You usually don’t have to concern yourself about managing your era score. For instance, if you need 160 for a Golden age and you’re at 150. You’re approaching the top, and you still have 26 turns left. How are you going to be sure you don’t go too far over and waste era score?

An excellent example of where you would want to waste era score and go over the max is the settling floodplains. If you have 26 turns to the next era and you already have 160 era score. The city will be worth going over the max era score. It’s more valuable to put the city down than to concern yourself about going over the era score.


Circumnavigation means circling the whole map. You can always hold off this opportunity for the era score and wait until you need the era score for either the 5 or 3 era scores. If you will circle the whole map and circumnavigate, stop your units and wait until you’re not over the era score anymore, so you don’t waste the era score. This tactic is a very low risk to stop doing until you can use the era score better. You can circumnavigate in the next era. But if you are under the Golden age, keep circumnavigating and get that era score if you need it. If you are going over the max era, stop circumnavigating. You can continue circling the whole map in the next era.

Questions and concerns

Considering that every situation will be different, it isn’t easy to address all the dos and don’ts in the game. For instance, do you have to build a +3 campus or a 45 science for the era score? Which one to create? In some games, you’re already way ahead in science over everyone else. Do you need that immediately, or can you wait until the next era? These are questions you have to ask yourself and consider if it is worth doing.

Suppose you’re under the era score. Don’t concern yourself. It is usually only applicable if you’re going over the max era score.

The optimum recommendation is to read through the list and be sure to do the simple stuff first. Do the simple opportunities early on in the game, for instance, settling near natural wonder, because later, you won’t be able to do so.

Here are two favorite methods to cut a type of Era score.

These are not the only methods to get extra Era scores in the game.

  1. The Taj Mahal. It is an excellent wonder that comes in at humanism. +1 era score from Historic moments earned after this wonder is complete if that moment is usually worth two or more era scores. If you look at the era score of the Taj Mahal, everything that’s in 2 categories or higher will give you an additional Era score if you own the Taj Mahal. If you’re struggling with era score, build the Taj Mahal. It adds era score to the opportunities you do.

Furthermore, it’s an excellent wonder to make in most games, especially if you’re trying to learn and pay attention to era score. The Taj Mahal will give you a little bit of leverage to start with. In most games where you built a Taj Mahal, you’ll avoid the Dark ages altogether.

  1. National Parks: If you set up plenty of national parks, they will be an unlimited source of era scores. It isn’t possible to maximize your era score from national parks in all games. Because some games have more national parks than others. Every time you build a national Park, you get a load of era scores. If you’re not familiar with national parks, check out this article, which discusses them more.

National Parks are an excellent method to get era score. You get four era scores for the first National Park, five if you’ve built the Taj Mahal. Every time you create another National Park, you get another three era score, which is Impressive.

Civilization 6

Another thing to keep in mind with era scores is that every Civilization has a built-in way to get at least eight era scores, which is Impressive. You will get four era scores for building any unique district or building to your Civilization or building any special units to your Civilization. This opportunity isn’t beneficial for getting the era score in the era you needed all the time because everyone’s districts and units come at a varied point. Let’s take a look at a couple of civilizations.

Frederick Barbarossa

If you are playing Frederick, you will get four era scores for building the Hansa and four era scores for building the U-boat because that’s unique to Germany. In total, that’s eight era scores.


You will get four era scores for the Thanh and four for the Voi Chien if you’re playing Vietnam. For anything unique to your Civilization, you will get four era scores the first time you build it. Another thing to consider is that occasionally your era bonuses also give you an era score. These are labeled as dedications. These are the abilities you select at the start of each era. Depending on which age you fell into. An example of dedication is the free inquiry dedication bonus.

Free inquiry dedication bonus

A free inquiry dedication bonus is selected for hitting a normal age. Gain a +1 era score for each time you activate a eureka. Every time you activate your eureka in this era, you will get a +1 era score. Occasionally when the era change over, you can select your dedication. That is a method to unlock era score, specifically in that era. You want to be sure you get as many eureka’s as possible because it’s only available in the era you selected. The +1 era score for every eureka end when you choose a different dedication.

Main aspects of the game

The central aspect of this article is to try to avoid going over the Golden age because any era score over that gets wasted for the following era score requirement.

The other aspect is to read the list from Wiki and familiarize yourself with all the different methods to collect era scores. This list will help you improve your management and keep track of what you’ve already finished in a game.

If you are struggling in the game, be sure to build the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal will help you get ahold on era scores. You also avoid the Dark ages more regularly while you’re learning and understanding era scores.

 Another thing to address is the difference between Dark, normal and Golden age. One of the most significant differences between these two is loyalty. The last thing you want to do is to lose all your cities to loyalty. That’s why it’s important not to go over. It’s essential not only for the dedication bonuses but for specifically the loyalty that moves your empire back and forth. A poorly timed Dark age can toss you back in a game, and that’s what you’re trying to avoid by keeping track of your era score and being sure not to go over.

By now, you should know everything there is to know about era scores. Dominate your next Civ 6 game, good luck, and have fun!

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