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How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy

In Little Alchemy, you need to put a range of different elements together to create different other objects and elements.

In this cheat sheet article, we’ll look at the different combination options you will need to make wood.

How To Make The Wood Item In Little Alchemy

When you consider all of the many different ways that you can use to get wood, then you will quickly see that creating the wood element in Little Alchemy isn’t too difficult.

Here are all of the different combinations which create wood.

Axe And Forest

The best place to get wood is in a forest, and you will also need the right tool for cutting the forest, an axe.

Combine the forest and axe icon to get the wood object in Little Alchemy.

Axe And Tree

This combination is very similar to the axe and forest combination. You will need an axe to cut down a tree to create wood.

Chainsaw And Forest

There are also other tools that you can use to cut down the forest, including a chainsaw.

Drag and drop the chainsaw icon over the forest icon to combine them and create wood.

Chainsaw And Tree

You can also use the chainsaw object with the tree icon. Combine the two and make wood.

Lumberjack And Forest

Another easy way to make wood in Little Alchemy is to combine the forest icon with the lumberjack.

The lumberjack is responsible for cutting and processing wood in North America, which is an excellent combination for making wood.

Lumberjack And Tree

You can also use the lumberjack in combination with the tree icon, which also creates wood.

Tool And Forest

It doesn’t have to be a specific tool, such as an axe or a chainsaw, that cuts wood. In Little Alchemy, you can combine the tool item with the forest icon to create wood.

Tool And Tree

Similar to the tool and forest combination, you can use the tool object in combination with the tree icon to make wood.

Sword And Tree

Another more unusual tool to use for wood cutting is the sword. Although you usually wouldn’t use a sword for cutting trees, many things are possible in Little Alchemy.

So, just drag and drop your sword icon over the tree object, and you will get wood.

Paul Bunyan Combinations

Paul Bunyan Combinations

Little Alchemy’s Myths and Monsters content pack comes with many mythical gods (see also ‘How To Make God In Little Alchemy‘), fabled items, and legendary monsters.

The North American folk hero Paul Bunyan also made it into the paid pack, so if you are using the Myths and Monsters pack, there are a few different Paul Bunyan combinations you can use to create wood.

Use just the Paul Bunyan and forest combination, or alternatively combine the tree icon with Paul Bunyan to make wood.

How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy

The tree element is one of the objects you need for the different wood combinations. Here are the combinations that you need to make to create a tree.

  • Combine air with fire to create energy
  • Combine air with water to create rain
  • Combine earth with fire to create lava
  • Combine earth and water to create mud
  • Combine lava with air to create stone
  • Combine earth and rain to create plant
  • Combine fire and stone to create metal
  • Combine stone and air to create sand
  • Combine sand and fire to create glass
  • Combine mud and plant to create swamp
  • Combine swamp with energy to create life
  • Combine earth with life to create human
  • Combine glass with sand (see also ‘How To Make Sand In Little Alchemy‘) to create time
  • Combine human with metal to create tool
  • Combine plant and time to create tree

Now you can combine tree with tool, lumberjack, chainsaw or axe to make wood.

How To Make Tool In Little Alchemy

Another essential object that you will need to make wood and many other important objects in Little Alchemy (see also ‘How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy‘) is tool.

Here are the individual steps how you can make tool from scratch.

  • Combine air and water to create rain
  • Combine earth and rain to create plant
  • Combine water and earth to create mud
  • Combine mud with plant to create swamp
  • Combine fire with air to create energy
  • Combine energy and swamp to create life
  • Combine life and earth to create human
  • Combine earth and fire to create lava
  • Combine air and lava to create stone
  • Combine stone and fire to create metal
  • Combine human and metal to create tool

What Can You Make With Wood In Little Alchemy?

Wood is a key object in Little Alchemy because you can combine it with other items to make a huge range of other objects.

Here is a list of combinations with wood.

  • Combine wood with beaver to create dam
  • Combine wood with bird to create woodpecker
  • Combine wood with blade to create axe
  • Combine wood with charcoal to create pencil
  • Combine wood with cheese to create mousetrap
  • Combine wood with coal to create pencil
  • Combine wood with corpse to create coffin
  • Combine wood with fabric to create tent
  • Combine wood with fire to create campfire, charcoal and smoke
  • Combine wood with fish to create fishing rod
  • Combine wood with hay to create broom
  • Combine wood with horse to create Trojan horse
  • Combine wood with house to create log cabin
  • Combine wood with human to create house
  • Combine wood with leather to create drum
  • Combine wood with life to create Pinocchio
  • Combine wood with metal to create hammer
  • Combine wood with paper to create book
  • Combine wood with pencil to create ruler
  • Combine wood with pressure to create paper
  • Combine wood with river to create bridge
  • Combine wood with snow to create snowboard
  • Combine wood with tobacco to create pipe
  • Combine wood with tool to create wheel
  • Combine wood with wall to create fence
  • Combine wood with water to create boat
  • Combine wood with wheel to create cart
  • Combine wood with wild animal to create beaver
  • Combine wood with wind to create flute
  • Combine wood with wizard to create wand

Final Thoughts

Making wood in Little Alchemy is surprisingly easy with the many different object combinations available.

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