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How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy

Creating some of the basic elements in Little Alchemy is relatively easy, but when it comes to more complex combinations like making sky, unicorns, life, and dragons, it’s much more challenging.

In this cheat sheet, we look at the elements you need to make the sky in the game and what other objects you can create with the sky.

How To Make The Sky Element In Little Alchemy

There are currently four different combinations that you can use to create the sky object in Little Alchemy.

These combinations all create the sky element, but what if you do not have all of these items?

Air is a basic element that is part of the four elements that the game starts with. This leaves us with the moon, sun, cloud, and atmosphere to create separately.

Let’s look at how to make these four elements that you can use to create the sky.

Creating Cloud In Little Alchemy

There are many ways to create the cloud element in the game. One of the most popular and quickest is to combine water and fire to create steam.

Then, you can use the steam and combine it with air. This will create the cloud.

But there is also an alternative to creating a cloud with more combinations that use earth-based elements.

  • Combine earth with earth to create land
  • Combine land and land to create the continent
  • Combine continent with the continent to make the planet
  • Combine planet and air to make the atmosphere
  • Combine the atmosphere with water to create a cloud

Creating Sun In Little Alchemy

Not just in Little Alchemy, the sun is what gives so many things life and helps plants (see also ‘How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2‘) and other living things grow.

You can use the sun element to create a vast range of objects, including mythical figures, food, the sky, and many other things.

That’s why creating the sun icon in the game is a good idea. You can make a sun with the following combinations.

  • Combine sky and light
  • Combine fire and sky
  • Combine space and day
  • Combine fire and planet
  • Combine light and planet
  • Combine day and light

There are different combinations for some of these elements, and you will need to choose the one that offers the least steps, depending on the elements you have already created.

Creating Moon In Little Alchemy

Similar to other more complex elements in Little Alchemy (see also ‘How To Make God In Little Alchemy‘), the moon object has several combinations you will need to make before creating this element.

By far the easiest method to create the moon is combining the basic elements of fire and earth, which creates lava. Then, use the lava and add air to it. This will make stone.

Secondly, you will need to combine two earth elements that make land. Then add a second land to create a continent.

Next, combine two continents to create a planet. Then you just have to put together a planet and stone to make the moon. You can then use the moon to create the sky.

Creating Atmosphere in Little Alchemy

Like in the real world, the atmosphere is a complex construct of many different elements. It is a combination of different gasses that surround our planet.

We depend on our atmosphere to keep our valuable air in to allow us to breathe and protect us from damaging space rays.

In Little Alchemy, the atmosphere is often one of the more challenging elements to create, although you only need some basic elements.

Many combinations that create atmosphere require you to have the sky element, but there is also a fast way to create atmosphere without the sky.

Start with combining two earth elements. This will create land. Then use land and add earth which will result in a continent.

Now, combine two continents to create a planet. Lastly, just drag and drop an air element onto the planet icon.

This will give you the atmosphere element that you can use to create the sky item.

What Can You Make With The Sky Element?

Like clouds, the sky element is vital for creating many other elements in Little Alchemy.

Here are all the different combinations with the sky that make other essential objects.

  • Combine sky with Antarctica to create aurora
  • Combine sky with cheese to create the moon
  • Combine sky with earth to create the horizon
  • Combine sky with egg to create a bird
  • Combine sky with explosion to create fireworks
  • Combine sky with fire to create a sun
  • Combine sky with fish to create flying fish
  • Combine sky with glass to create a telescope
  • Combine sky with a horse to create Pegasus
  • Combine sky with a house to create a skyscraper
  • Combine sky with life to create a bird
  • Combine sky with meteoroid to create meteor
  • Combine the sky with the moon to create the night
  • Combine sky with the mouse to create a bat
  • Combine sky with a night to create a star
  • Combine the sky with the ocean to create the horizon
  • Combine sky with paper to create a kite
  • Combine sky with pressure to create an atmosphere
  • Combine the sky with the sea to create a horizon
  • Combine sky with squirrel to create a flying squirrel
  • Combine the sky with the star to create space
  • Combine sky with stone to create the moon
  • Combine the sky with the sun to create the day

Final Thoughts

The famous Little Alchemy game is based on the simple principle that when you combine different elements, you can create a new element or object.

You can then use these new objects to create further elements until you find all the game’s different objects and combinations.

Many combinations are based on real-world logic that can help you to find the more complex elements.

This is particularly true with the sky element, where you can use the air element and the cloud to create the sky.

After all, when we imagine this, we often see the blue air above and a few clouds dotted around.

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