Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2

Are you looking to make a plant in Little Alchemy 2 and have no clue where to state? Maybe you are new to the game and don’t know where to start.

Or are you looking to use Little Alchemy with students and want some tips? Whatever the reason is that brought you here today, we have the answer for you! 

We know how tricky it can be to master a new game, especially if you are going to teach others how to use it! You can quickly find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, so you head online to find the necessary answers.

But no matter how hard you search, the answers seem just out of reach. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to ease your stress and give you the necessary answers! Just keep reading to find out how to make a plant in Little Alchemy 2 and everything you need to know.

We are here to take you from novice to expert today!

What Is Little Alchemy 2?

Before we dive into today’s article, let’s have a quick recap for those that need it. Little Alchemy 2 is a puzzle game perfect for children and adults!

It is popular with teachers looking for new and innovative ways for children to explore experiments and get creative! 

The game is suitable for children in grades 6 to 12, although we have been known to enjoy it ourselves as adults! The game allows you to develop critical thinking skills, engage with science, and get creative.

It’s free, too, meaning you can enjoy the game no matter your budget! 

Little Alchemy 2 is super fun and allows you to discover new things about alchemy while learning about science too! You can use it as a teacher to integrate with math, science, literature, and history.

Plus, it breaks your lesson up and gives your students a chance to play on their devices and learn new skills. These days anyway, we can blend technology with learning is a win!

You must ensure that all your students have access to a device or book out your school’s tablets or laptops to play the game. 

Some of the elements of the game do look similar, and there is a chance that you can guess the right answers based on trial and error, which isn’t always ideal.

We found that sometimes instead of learning from the game, students relied on hints to finish it, which doesn’t promote learning and critical thinking as well as we would like. 

But it can be built into lesson plans, where the game allows students to put their knowledge to the test or break the lesson into smaller chunks for them.

We think it is still an excellent game to include in your lessons, especially as it is free to play! 

How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2

Now that we have covered Little Alchemy let’s get into why you came here today! There are lots of ways that you can make a plant in Little Alchemy 2. Use any of the combinations in the list below, and you will have a plant in no time! 

If you are using the game to teach students, you could put half of the combination on a whiteboard and ask them to guess (using their knowledge of plants) what the other half would be that would help them make the plant.

This is the best way we have found to boost their critical thinking and get the class working together and sharing answers! So let’s take a look at the list now. 

How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2 (1)

  • Small + tree = plant 
  • Seed + water = plant 
  • Rain + soil = plant 
  • Seed + soil = plant 
  • Life + soil = plant 
  • Land + seed = plant 
  • Earth + seed + plant 
  • Big (see also ‘How To Make Big In Little Alchemy 2‘) + grass = plant 
  • Algae + land = plant 
  • Algae + earth = plant 

And there you have it, several ways you can make a plant on Little Alchemy 2! That was easier than you thought, wasn’t it?

What Can I Do With A Plant In Little Alchemy 2?

Once you have made the plant in Little Alchemy 2, you might wonder what you can do with it now. Well, you can combine your plant with many things to make even more objects.

Check out our list of what you can combine it with today and what your plant could make! 

  • Combine plant with wool to make cotton 
  • Combine plant with wood (see also ‘How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy’) to make a tree 
  • Combine plant with the wind to make pollon 
  • Combine a plant with water to make algae 
  • Combine plant with a wall to make a hedge and ivy 
  • Combine a plant with a tree to make a forest 
  • Combine a plant with time to make a tree 
  • Combine a plant with a swamp to make peat and reed 
  • Combine a plant with a stone to make moss 
  • Combine a plant with sheep to make cotton
  • Combine a plant with the sea to make seaweed
  • Combine a plant with sand to make a cactus 
  • Combine a plant with grass to make a garden 
  • Combine a plant with glass to make a greenhouse 
  • Combine a plant with a mouse to make a squirrel 
  • Combine a plant with love to make a rose 
  • Combine a plant with a human to make a farmer 
  • Combine a plant with an aquarium to make a greenhouse 
  • Combine a plant with a bottle to make a vase 
  • Combine a plant with a cat to make catnip
  • Combine a plant with carbon dioxide to make oxygen 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but gives you a good idea of just how many things you can make on Little Alchemy 2 (see also ‘How To Make Cloud In Little Alchemy 2‘) with your plant! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, you can make a plant in several different ways on Little Alchemy 2 (see also ‘How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2‘)! It is a good way to teach students about the life cycle of plants and how they are made in different settings.

You can also use Little Alchemy 2 to show students how many different uses plants have. Why not give it a try today?

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