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How To Make Metal In Little Alchemy (1)

Little Alchemy is a great way to while away some time, and the simplicity of the game makes it also quite addictive.

All you have to do is combine a number of different elements together that result in new elements and objects. You start out with the four basic elements, wind, fire, air and earth.

Then just use these base elements and combine them with each other by dragging one element from the right sidebar into the middle on top of the other element.

The aim of the game is to find all the object combinations, and some of them are surprisingly tricky.

We take you through the steps on how to find metal in Little Alchemy 1 and 2 (see also ‘How To Make Big In Little Alchemy 2′).

How To Create Metal In Little Alchemy 1

In Little Alchemy 1, there is only one possible combination of stone and fire which creates metal.

How To Create Metal In Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, there are a number of different combinations that you can use to create metal.

Here are some of the top cheats for metal in Alchemy 2. 

Combine Fire And Ore

Ore is a new element and object in Little Alchemy 2 and you can use it for all handy combinations.

Generally, ore is a raw form of metal, and you can combine it with fire to create metal.

Combine Ore And Heat

Heat is another new item in Little Alchemy 2, and you can combine it with a lot of other elements to create some unique items.

In order to create metal, you will need to combine ore and heat together.

Combine Stone And Fire

If you played Little Alchemy 1 before, then this is a common combination of elements, and it’s very easy to remember.

Just think of the cooling of lava which contains solid metals. When you add fire to these stones again, then you can extract the metals within.

Combine Stone And Heat

Similar to the traditional stone and fire combination, you can also create metal when you combine stone and heat.

Combine Ore And Tool

As ore is metal in its raw form, you can use a variety of tools to extract it from the ore. This is one of the easiest ways to create metal in Little Alchemy 2.

Metal Combinations In Little Alchemy

Making metal in Little Alchemy 1 and 2 isn’t very difficult as long as you remember that you need to use some kind of stone or ore which contains the metal and use some kind of heat or fire to extract it.

But the reason why metal is such a valuable item in Little Alchemy is because you need it to combine it with other materials in order to make other objects.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular metal combinations.

  • Combine metal and air to create rust
  • Combine metal and bird to create airplane
  • Combine metal and blade to create sword
  • Combine metal and bullet to create gun
  • Combine metal and carbon dioxide to create fire extinguisher
  • Combine metal and cheese to create mousetrap
  • Combine metal and coal to create steel
  • Combine metal and cold to create fridge
  • Combine metal and diamond to create ring
  • Combine metal and electricity to create wire
  • Combine metal and energy to create electricity
  • Combine metal and explosion to create grenade
  • Combine metal and glass to create glass with mirror
  • Combine metal and gold to create safe
  • Combine metal and gunpowder to create bullet
  • Combine metal and hay to create needle
  • Combine metal and horse to create horseshoe
  • Combine metal and human to create tool
  • Combine metal and ice to create fridge
  • Combine metal and life to create robot
  • Combine metal and light bulb to create lamp
  • Combine metal and monarch to create crown
  • Combine metal and money to create safe
  • Combine metal and oxygen to create rust
  • Combine metal and rainbow to create gold
  • Combine metal and river to create bridge
  • Combine metal and rope to create chain
  • Combine metal and steam engine to create train
  • Combine metal and steam to create boiler
  • Combine metal and stone to create blade
  • Combine metal and sun to create gold
  • Combine metal and thread to create needle
  • Combine metal and tool to create armor
  • Combine metal and wheel to create car
  • Combine metal and witch to create cauldron
  • Combine metal and wood (see also ‘How To Make Wood In Little Alchemy’) to create hammer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Iron In Little Alchemy?

Making iron requires a lot of fire, so in Little Alchemy you need to combine metal with five times fire.

In order to get iron you will also need the elements to make metal. Start combining fire and earth which will create stone.

Then combine the stone with fire which will create metal, and then you can combine the metals and fires.

Iron allows you to create a number of other items. Combine iron with carbon to create cast iron. Combine iron with chromium and you get still. And combine iron with wood and you will make ironwood.

How To Make Steel In Little Alchemy?

Another important object that you can make with metal is steel. Simply combine metal with coal in Little Alchemy 1, and you get steel.

In addition to this method, there are a few other combinations in Alchemy 2 that allow you to create steel.

You can combine metal with charcoal to get steel, or combine mineral and metal to make steel.

What’s The Difference Between Little Alchemy 1 And 2 When Making Metal?

While Little Alchemy 1 and 2 differ greatly in the game’s design, they also vary in their different combinations for making metal and other objects.

Alchemy 1 only allows the fire and stone combination to make metal but Alchemy 2 also uses ore, tools and heat as new elements to create metal.

Final Thoughts

While there is only a single combination of stone and fire in Alchemy 1 that gets you metal, there are plenty of other combinations in Alchemy 2.

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