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How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a game that involves fun yet soothing gameplay.

Its ease of use has made it popular among many, as the gameplay allows players to be creative, making some amazing creations in the process.

Previously, players were free to generate immortal monsters and gods by merging complex and basic elements in games involving a mix of alchemy and elements.

Little Alchemy 2 maximizes these creatures using extraordinary elements, such as Immortality.

In this article, we’ll cover more about generating Immortality in Little Alchemy 2, but remember that you can only acquire Immortality if you own a certain pack titled Myths and Monsters.

What Is Immortality In Little Alchemy 2?

Before we can get into how to achieve Immortality, we need to understand what it means within the game.

Essentially, Immortality involves 15 additional elements that can be used to make different items within the game. Some of these are rare or legendary pieces.

However, there’s no simple way of attaining the Immortality formula. It can’t be crafted, but it can be purchased.

In the following sections, we’ll cover how to get hold of Little Alchemy 2 Immortality.

Generate The World On The Correct Device

You’ll need the Myths and Monsters content pack to achieve Immortality, but this is only available on iOS and Android compatible devices.

If you are playing Little Alchemy 2 on a web browser, you need to download the app to a different phone or tablet.

Apple iOS users can find the app within the App Store, while those on Google Android devices can search for the app in Google Play.

PLEASE NOTE that moving to a different compatible device means that you need to start the game over from the beginning.

Little Alchemy 2’s developer hasn’t yet provided an option to move your online progress between different devices.

Go To The Little Alchemy 2 Store

Players can only currently use the Myths and Monsters content pack if they buy it within the applications store.

Many players believe the pack shouldn’t cost any extra, but remember that the developer has already made the actual game and many elements free.

Factoring this in, the content pack’s price of $2.99 isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things.

The Little Alchemy 2 Store icon will display a line drawing of a brick-and-mortar shop.

You should notice the label ‘Store’ underneath. This is found at the bottom in the navigation bar or on the left side of the screen.

Add The Content Pack

Unlike other alchemy games, in Little Alchemy 2, you don’t need to generate many elements or merges to obtain the Immortality element.

Once you add the Myths and Monsters pack to the main app, you will automatically obtain the Immortality element as a starting item.

This is one of the main building blocks for creating monsters and myths, as well as Monster, Good, and Evil elements.

You add the content pack to the app by tapping the Purchase icon, then following the instructions afterward.

Once you’re done, you will have created Immortality!

The Immortality icon looks like a gold infinity sign on a dark background. You’ll notice it in your element collection after you’ve obtained Immortality.

Is Immortality Essential In Little Alchemy 2?

Immortality isn’t essential within the game. If you prefer, you can enjoy using the other 720 elements and do without the Myths and Monsters content pack.

However, if you don’t have the pack, you won’t be able to explore the game fully. The game’s educational content and the extra 110 elements in the pack aren’t accessible unless you obtain the Immortality element.

Additionally, you won’t be able to explore the range of monsters and deities in other guides without the pack and the Immortality element.

In the past, humans would turn to myths and monsters to explain mysterious things in their world. As a result, Immortality depicts the human necessity to comprehend death, as it gives the idea of everlasting existence.

Some believe that particular deities, like gods and goddesses, own the right to be beautiful, live young, and live forever.

Others believe that the soul is immortal and that the soul leaves the human form after death to reach eternal consciousness afterward.

This concept of eternal consciousness is represented within the game.

The Immortality element gives Little Alchemy 2 players access to 15 more elements. They are also connected to the idea of living forever, which is as follows:

  • Ankh = Immortality and the Mummy
  • Baast = Immortality and the Cat
  • Book of the Dead = Immortality and the Book
  • Tawaret = Immortality and the Hippo
  • Peach of Immortality = Immortality and the Fruit
  • Peach of Immortality = Immortality and the Fruit Tree
  • Sun Wukong = Immortality and the Monkey
  • Achilles = Immortality and the Hero
  • Deity = Immortality and the Human
  • Ouroboros = Immortality and the Dragon
  • Ouroboros = Immortality and the Snake
  • Yggdrasil = Immortality and the Tree (see also ‘How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy‘)
  • Demon = Immortality and Evil
  • Holy Grail = Immortality and the Cup
  • Fountain of Youth = Immortality and the Fountain
  • Elixir of Life = Immortality and the Bottle
  • Elixir of Life = Immortality and the Container
  • Elixir of Life = Immortality and Liquid
  • Philosopher’s Stone = Immortality and the Alchemist
  • Philosopher’s Stone = Immortality and the Rock
  • Philosopher’s Stone = Immortality and the Stone

Things The Immortality Element Can Do In Little Alchemy 2

When you use any elements made with Immortality, you can begin learning about several monsters and mythical creatures people once believed had a connection to everlasting life.

For instance, the Peach of Immortality allows you to discover the Chinese Dragon.

Other examples include using the Holy Grail to make a Paladin and, following that, the famed Durendal sword.

Ouroboros lets you create the Midgard Serpent that surrounds the Earth and Jörmungandr, Loki’s offspring within Viking Norse Legends.

The Deity element allows you to access many mythical figures, including Cupid, Poseidon, Thor, and Zeus. The element also allows you to find famous artifacts like Mjölnir, Pandora’s Box, and even Heaven itself.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to achieve the Immortality element within Little Alchemy 2!

Remember that you can only access the element by purchasing the Myths and Monsters content pack. This can only be done on Android and iOS-compatible devices, so you must switch to one if you play through an internet browser.

However, switching to these will mean you have to start the game from scratch, so don’t switch unless you’re prepared to lose your progress.

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