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How To Make God In Little Alchemy

Do you love playing Little Alchemy but you are not quite sure how to combine the elements to create a deity? 

We looked at the ultimate Little Alchemy cheats and found the answer to how you can put elements together to get the creation of god.

Check out our step-by-step guide below.

How To Make God In Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy (see also ‘How To Make Metal In Little Alchemy‘) allows you to combine a vast range of different elements, such as water, eggs, planet, snow or mud, to create something new.

The new elements can also be used to create a new element in turn.

Creating god or a deity is surprisingly easy and quick once you know where to start. 

First, you’ll need to combine water and earth. This will create mud which you will need a little later.

Then you need to combine air and air which will creature pressure. You will now need to combine the pressure with earth which creates stone.

Next, you need to use the mud and combine it with sand. This creates clay.

Now use the clay and combine it with life which will create a human.

Lastly, just use the human and add immortality. This will create a god and deity.

How To Create Elements In Little Alchemy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you downloaded the Little Alchemy app and you start playing, you will notice that you have four basic elements in the beginning.

You can make a range of objects and other things with these elements by combining the basic elements with each other.

Some of them are even rare and more complex items which you can use to create more special objects.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular combinations, and how you can make some of the more important items, such as houses, cities and grass.

Combine Your Four Basic Elements

The easiest way to combine your first elements is by clicking and dragging them from the sidebar on the right side of your screen onto the item in the middle.

Once you create a new element or item, it will be visible in the sidebar and you can then use it to create more elements.

Here are some of the best combinations of your four basic elements.

  • Steam: Combine water and fire
  • Lava: Combine water and earth
  • Energy: Combine fire and air
  • Mud: Combine water and earth
  • Dust: Combine air and earth
  • Sea: Combine water and water
  • Rain: Combine water and air
  • Pressure: Combine two earth elements and two air elements

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Combine Basic Elements And Secondary Objects 

Next, you can use some of the secondary objects that you created in step one and combine them with your basic elements.

  • Garden: Combine plant and plant
  • Brick: Combine mud and fire
  • Obsidian: Combine lava and water
  • Volcano: Combine earth and lava
  • Gunpowder: Combine fire and dust
  • Steam: Combine water and energy
  • Plant: Combine rain and earth
  • Geyser: Combine steam and earth
  • Stone: Combine water and lava
  • Earthquake: Combine energy and earth
  • Grass: Combine earth and plant
  • Dew: Combine water and grass
  • Sand: Combine air and stone
  • Glass: Combine fire and sand
  • Pond: Combine water and garden
  • Cloud: Combine air and steam
  • Sky: Combine air and cloud
  • Sun: Combine fire and sky
  • Moon: Combine stone and sky (see also ‘How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy‘)
  • Mountain: Combine earthquake and earth
  • Explosion: Combine fire and gunpowder

Combine Two Identical Items 

Once you have created a few objects, you can start combining two identical items to make a few more complex and rare objects.

Here is a list of combinations that use exactly the same two items.

  • Flood: Combine two rain elements
  • Wall: Combine two bricks items
  • House: Combine two wall items
  • Village: Combine two house items
  • City: Combine two village items
  • Mountain range: Combine two mountain items
  • Ocean: Combine two sea objects

Combine Two Secondary Objects To Create More Unique Items

Here is a great list of combinations of secondary objects that you made from your four base elements.

  • Swamp: Combine mud and plant
  • Hourglass: Combine glass and sand
  • Time: Combine glass with sand (see also ‘How To Make Sand In Little Alchemy‘)
  • Eruption: Combine energy and volcano
  • Ash: Combine energy and volcano
  • Atomic Bomb: Combine explosion and energy
  • Eclipse: Combine moon and sun

Continue Combining Objects And Elements

You can continue a huge number of different elements and items in Little Alchemy. There are around 500 different combinations in the game.

However, not everything can be combined but it’s worth trying a few interesting combinations to create some more valuable objects.

After a while, you will also figure out how to make animals, aliens, humans and even deities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy and its successor Little Alchemy 2 are both very simple but highly addictive games.

You can use your laptop and desktop computer to play in the web browser, or use your tablet or smartphone to start playing with the app.

Little Alchemy is based on some traditional brain games where you need to create as many different elements and objects as possible.

You start out with the four basic elements: fire, water, air and earth. Then, you will need to drag and drop these elements on top of each other to create new objects or other elements.

Continue doing this until you have created all elements in the game. Some of the combinations are more basic, such as water and earth that creates mud.

However, some combinations are also much more complex where you need to create secondary objects first before you can create, for example, science, space and human.

There are also more abstract items, such as immortality and God.

Do You Need To Create God In Little Alchemy?

There is no rule that you must create God or a Deity in Little Alchemy but you are free to create whatever elements and objects you want.

Saying this, if you are set on completing the game with all its combinations, then you will need Deity as an important object.

Final Thoughts

It’s not difficult to create a deity or god in Little Alchemy 1 or 2. Just check out our cheat sheet above.

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