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How To Make Cloud In Little Alchemy 2

The cloud element was part of many of the previous Little Alchemy games. Then, it was a very easy element to make with just your four basic elements, water, fire, and air.

You would then have to combine fire and air to create steam which could be used to make a cloud.

However, in Little Alchemy 2, cloud formation works a little differently, also because it treats the process in a more realistic way.

We take a look at the different steps of making a cloud and what other objects you can create with the cloud element.

How To Make A Cloud In Little Alchemy 2

The best way to create a cloud in the game is to simply use real-world logic. 

The basic steps for making a cloud in Little Alchemy 2 are by combining the following elements:

  • Combine earth with earth to create land
  • Combine earth and land to create a continent
  • Combine continent and continent to create a planet
  • Combine air with a planet to create an atmosphere
  • Combine the atmosphere with water to create a cloud

Let’s take a look at the individual steps and how you can create the individual elements.

How To Create Atmosphere

In the real world, the atmosphere is all around the surface of our planet, and you can see clouds floating in the atmosphere.

You will need an atmosphere element to create the cloud item.

There are quite a few different ways to make the atmosphere object in Little Alchemy 2, but we found the quickest way is to double the earth elements to create a planet first.

This means you combine earth and earth to create land. Then combine land and land to make a continent, and lastly, create a planet by combining continent and continent.

The little planet item looks a bit like Saturn in blue, with a planetary ring and a couple of moons.

Not that you have created the planet icon, you can drag and drop the air icon onto it.

You will see that the atmosphere object appears immediately, and it looks very much like the Earth from space with a bubble surrounding it.

Add Moisture To The Atmosphere To Create Cloud

Water and moisture in the air play a main role in the formation of clouds. They can only form when the air becomes saturated with water. Then the air cools, and the air pressure drops.

In Little Alchemy 2, a similar logic applies. You need to use a water-based element with the atmosphere to create a cloud.

You can either use the traditional atmosphere and water combination to make a cloud, or you can also use atmosphere and mist.

As water is one of your basic elements, you don’t necessarily need to have mist. However, if you still want to create mist, then you just need to combine water and air.

The mist icon will then display on your screen, looks like a few horizontal white lines.

How To Make Cloud In Little Alchemy 2 (1)

Other Ways To Make Cloud

Little Alchemy 2 is so popular because the game offers the opportunity to use many different element combinations, and you can also use related elements.

When clouds are formed in the real world, it takes much more than just water and atmosphere. Many people think of the sky when they imagine the atmosphere.

That’s why you can also use the sky element in Little Alchemy to create clouds.

The best way to create a sky is with the following steps.

  • Combine fire and planet to create a sun
  • Combine sun and atmosphere to create a sky

The sky icon shows different shades of white and blue. Next, just draw and drop the mist or water icon onto the sky icon to create your cloud element.

There is also a specific icon that shows a rain cloud, but it doesn’t have a special name. For this, just combine water and cloud, and you will see a cloud icon with rain drops.

Possible Cloud Combinations In Little Alchemy 2

Clouds have a central role in our world. They show on our skies over the day and night, and scientists have proven that there are even other planets that create clouds.

Clouds shape our weather, from hail and rain to thunderstorms and snow. Clouds are also responsible for making rainbows when the light travels through the raindrops falling from a rain cloud.

When you look up to the sky, you may even spot sometimes that clouds have different layers. Some are lower in the sky than others. This is how we get our mist or ground fog occasionally.

But whatever drops from a cloud is not always just water. Sometimes, heavily polluted cities observe acid rain that falls because the smog turns the rainwater into acid.

Clouds are also associated with different foods, such as cotton candy, or animals, such as sheep that look as fluffy as clouds.

  • Combine cloud with air to create the sky
  • Combine cloud with atmosphere to create sky
  • Combine cloud with the city to create fog
  • Combine cloud with cloud to create a storm
  • Combine cloud with earth to create fog
  • Combine cloud with electricity to create lightning in a storm
  • Combine cloud with energy to create lightning
  • Combine cloud with field to create fog
  • Combine cloud with forest to create fog
  • Combine cloud with heat to create rain
  • Combine cloud with a hill to create fog
  • Combine cloud with a house to create a skyscraper
  • Combine cloud with ice to create hail
  • Combine cloud with light to create a rainbow
  • Combine cloud with livestock to create sheep
  • Combine cloud with a mountain to create fog
  • Combine a cloud with a planet to create Jupiter
  • Combine cloud with a plant to create cotton
  • Combine cloud with pressure to create rain
  • Combine cloud with sickness to create acid rain
  • Combine cloud with smog to create acid rain
  • Combine a cloud with smoke to create acid rain
  • Combine cloud with sugar to create cotton candy
  • Combine a cloud with water to create rain

Final Thoughts

Cloud is a key element in Little Alchemy 2 (see also ‘How To Make Immortality In Little Alchemy 2‘) because players can use it to create many other important objects and elements.

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