Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
How To Make Big In Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a great game that helps you discover many different elements of the world, and it’s a fun way to experiment with how these elements are made.

All you have to do is to combine different object items to create new objects. Saying this, some combinations are easier than others.

One of these more complex combinations is Big. If you are stuck and unsure how to create the big element in Little Alchemy 2, here is our ultimate cheat sheet.

How To Make The Big Element In Alchemy 2

Big is an essential element in the game because you will need it to create other important objects, such as sea, planet, and continent.

As its name suggests, the big object helps you to make smaller things grow, so you can turn trees (see also ‘How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy‘) into forests and earth into mountains.

There are six different combinations that you can use to create the big icon:

  • Combine galaxy cluster with philosophy
  • Combine galaxy with philosophy
  • Combine philosophy with a planet
  • Combine philosophy with a solar system
  • Combine philosophy with sun
  • Combine philosophy with the universe

We’ll take a closer look at the combination of philosophy and universe, so check out how to make philosophy and universe in Little Alchemy 2.

Making Philosophy In Little Alchemy 2

When playing Little Alchemy 2, you begin with the four basic elements: fire, air, water, and earth (or dust).

The first step in creating the philosophy element is to put together two earth elements to make land.

Next, combine land and land to create a continent. Then, put together two continents to form a planet.

Now, drag and drop the fire element onto the planet icon, creating the sun.

On a separate tab, combine two fire elements to create energy. Then use this energy to combine it with the sun element. You will then see a solar cell or solar panel on your screen.

Next, combine the solar panel with the sun element to create electricity.

Separately, combine two air elements to create pressure, and then combine the newly formed pressure with earth to make stone.

You can now use the stone and put it together with air to create sand.

Use the sand element with fire to make glass, and then combine the glass with electricity to create a light bulb.

In a separate tab, use earth and combine it with water to make mud. Then take the mud and combine it with stone to make clay.

Next, combine two water elements to create a puddle. Then use the puddle and water to make a pond.

Add another water element to the pond and create a lake. Then, add water to the lake to make a sea.

Next, make lava by combining fire with earth. Then, put together sea and lava to make a primordial soup.

Now, combine lava with earth to make a volcano. Then use this volcano and combine it with primordial soup. This will create life.

Lastly, combine the newly formed life with clay to make a human. Use the human together with the light bulb to make an idea.

Then just combine the idea with the human, and you get philosophy.

Making Universe In Little Alchemy 2

Once you have philosophy, you need the universe element to create big.

Start with combining two earth elements to form land. Then add earth to the land to make a continent.

Combine two continents to create a planet. Combine two planets to make a solar system.

Now, use two solar systems to create a galaxy. Then, put two galaxies together to create a galaxy cluster.

Lastly, just combine two galaxy clusters, and you will get a universe, which you can use in combination with philosophy to create big.

What Can You Create With The Big Element In Little Alchemy 2?

Big is a vital object in Little Alchemy, so you can use it in various combinations.

  • Combine big with an aquarium to create a swimming pool
  • Combine big with a bird to create an ostrich
  • Combine big with a birdcage to create an aviary
  • Combine big with a boulder to create a hill
  • Combine big with a car to create a bus
  • Combine big with a cat to create a lion
  • Combine big with deity to create a giant
  • Combine big with duckling to create a duck
  • Combine big with earth to create a mountain
  • Combine big with explosion to create the atomic bomb
  • Combine big with faerie to create an elf
  • Combine big with a fairy tale to create a legend
  • Combine big with a goblin to create an orc
  • Combine big with grass to create plant
  • Combine big with griffin to create ziz
  • Combine big with a hill to create a mountain
  • Combine big with a house to create a skyscraper
  • Combine big with a kite to create a paraglider
  • Combine big with the lake to create the sea
  • Combine big with land to create a continent
  • Combine big with the lizard to create a dinosaur
  • Combine big with monster to create a Giant
  • Combine big with the mouse to create a rat
  • Combine big with Ouroboros to create Jörmungandr
  • Combine big with a pebble to create a rock
  • Combine big with the phoenix to create ziz
  • Combine big with a planet to create Jupiter
  • Combine big with plants to create a tree
  • Combine big with a pond to create a lake
  • Combine big with a puddle to create a pond
  • Combine big with rain to create a flood
  • Combine big with rivulet to create a stream
  • Combine big with a rock to create a boulder
  • Combine big with safe to create a vault
  • Combine big with Saturn to create Jupiter
  • Combine big with the sea to create an ocean
  • Combine big with a shovel to create an excavator
  • Combine big with snow to create a blizzard
  • Combine big with soil to create land
  • Combine big with stone to create a boulder
  • Combine big with a story to create a legend
  • Combine big with a stream to create a river
  • Combine big with a tent to create a circus
  • Combine big with a village to create a city
  • Combine big with a watch to create a clock
  • Combine big with the wind to create the tornado

Final Thoughts

Making the big element in Little Alchemy 2 isn’t very difficult, but you will need to combine more complex elements.

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