How To Get 26 Great Pets In Terraria

You are wondering how to summon specific pets? This article will tell you how to call the available pets in Terraria. Pets are small animals that you can summon into Terraria. The pets will accompany you around and do completely nothing besides looking charming. You’ll have one pet called at a time, and they’re completely invincible. You can also dye the pets to change their appearance. For instance, you can turn your ordinary turtle into a demon turtle by dying it red.

This article will concentrate on pets, not light pets, which take up a separate equipment slot and actual function.

Let’s start with the pets you can summon on the pc version:

1. Bunny  Terraria Bunny  

Summoned with a Carrot  Terraria Carrot
The carrot summons a pet bunny for you. The Bunny was added to differentiate the collectors’ edition physical copy of Terraria from the digital download.

If you don’t have the collectors edition, you can’t get the item. You can obtain the item with inventory editors, but it’s still unusable unless you have the collectors edition.

There is a way to get the Bunny, which involves going into your registry editor (regedit) to find Terraria—adding a string called “Bunny” and giving it a value of 1. When you go into the game, you will get a bunny.

The Bunny’s fur color is the same as the character’s shirt, and the Bunny also flies when you get too far away.

2. Baby Dino  Terraria Baby Dino

Summoned with an Amber Mosquito  Terraria Amber Mosquito
You can summon a baby dinosaur with the Amber Mosquito. You can get by positioning silt, slush, or desert fossils into an extractinator. Still, the chances of receiving it will be 0.01% for silt or slush and 0.027% for desert fossils. So, good luck with that.

Most of you will know this is one of the references of Jurassic Park, where the dinosaurs are all cloned using old mosquitoes captured in Amber. The dinosaur has a Terrasaur carrying by his tail to accompany you when you get too far off the ground.

3. Baby Penguin  Terraria Baby Penguin

Summoned with a Fish  Terraria Fish
You can randomly find a fish in an ice chest in underground snow biomes. The fish will spawn a baby penguin for you.

Even though penguins can’t fly, they’ll fly after you to accompany you in the air.

4. Baby Face Monster  Terraria Face Monster

Summoned with a Bone Rattle  Terraria Bone Rattle
The bone Rattle will summon the Baby Face monster. The bone rattle has a 5% possibility to drop from the brain of Cthulu.

When you get too far or fly in the air, the face monster seems to hold a Chimera to fly up.

5. Baby Skeletron Head  Terraria Skeletron Head

Summoned with a Bone key  Terraria Bone Key
If you manage to kill a dungeon Guardian, you will get a bone key, which spawns a baby Skeletron Head as your pet.

To get baby Skeletron Head is quite tricky to get but is a lot easier later on in the game with something like an S DMG and Crystal bullets.

The baby Skeletron Head begins to revolve to approach you if you get too far away it.

6. Parrot  Terraria Parrot

Summoned with a Parrot Cracker  Terraria Parrot Cracker
You can purchase a Parrot cracker from the pirate NPC for 3 platinum and 75 gold if he’s living in an ocean biome. The parrot will perch on a ledge if your character stays still for a bit. Other than that, the parrot accompanies you and looks stunning.

7. Turtle  Terraria Turtle

Summoned with Seaweed  Terraria Seaweed
You will seldom discover seaweed in an underground jungle shrine, and if you do, you’ll have a baby turtle. He also develops a few propellers to fly when you are getting out of reach.

8. Baby Truffle  Terraria Baby Truffle

Summoned with Strange Glowing Mushrooms  Terraria Glowing Mushrooms
You can purchase a strange glowing mushroom from Truffle for 45 gold, and this will summon a baby truffle. It’s undoubtedly one of the charming pets in the game, and it produces a bit of light too.

The baby Truffle will fade away if you get too far away and teleport to you the next time you are on solid ground.

9. Baby Snowman  Terraria Baby Snowman

Summoned with a Toy Sled  Terraria Toy Sled
The Toy sled will spawn a Baby Snowman pet. The Toy Sled is a 5% drop rate from Ice Mimics in the underground snow biome.

The Baby Snowman will get in a small Toy Sled to fly to you if you’re in the air.

10. Baby Eater  Terraria Baby Eater

Summoned with an Eater’s Bone  Terraria Eaters Bone
The Eater’s Bone is a counterpart to the Bone Rattle. It has a 5% chance of dropping from the Eater of the Worlds and produces a small Baby Eater to accompany you around.

The Baby Eater moves quite slowly and won’t teleport to you. You can get pretty far away, and it will have to find its way back to you slowly.

11. Baby Hornet  Terraria Pet Tihpia

Summoned with Nectar  Terraria Nectar
You can summon a Baby Hornet pet with nectar, which has a 5% chance to spawn in normal mode and an 11.1% chance in expert mode to drop from the queen bee. It doesn’t do anything unique, but it moves quickly by default.

12. Lizard  Terraria Lizard

Summoned with Lizard Egg  Terraria Lizard Egg
A Lizard Egg has a 0.1% drop chance from Flying Snakes and Lizards in the jungle temple. The Lizard Egg summons a pet lizard. The Lizard develops tiny wings such as flying snakes.

13. Sapling  Terraria Sapling

Summoned with a Seedling  Terraria Seedling
The seedling summons a pet sapling that accompanies the player around. The seedling has a 1 in 20 drop chance to drop from Plantera, and the Sapling also develops tiny leaf wings to fly.

14. Tiki Spirit  Terraria Tiki Spirit

Summoned with a Tiki tote  Terraria Tiki Totem
The Tiki totem produces the Tiki Spirit pet. It can be purchased from the Witch Doctor for two platinum when he’s in the jungle biome.

The Tiki Spirit floats and spins above the player’s head. Whenever you get too far away, though, the Tiki Spirit hightails it directly to you.

15. Eyeball Spring  Terraria Eyeball Spring

Summoned with an Eye spring  Terraria Eye Spring
The Eye spring summons the Eyeball Spring. The Eye Spring is a 6.67% drop rate from Eyezor in normal mode and a 10% drop rate in expert mode. It also flies by wriggling its tail.

16. Squashling  Terraria Squashling

Summoned with a Magical Pumpkin seed  Terraria Magical Pumpkin seed
The magical pumpkinseed spawns a squashling, a pet pumpkin. There’s a 1 in 200 chance to get a magical pumpkinseed from a harvested pumpkin.

Pumpkins develop naturally on the grass during Halloween. You can purchase pumpkin seeds from the Dryad and establish them yourself.

This guy seems rather evil but in an excellent way. He also molds and darts towards you if you fly away, and it resembles a pumpkin from The Pumpkin Moon event.

17. Black Cat  Terraria Black Cat

Summoned with an Unlucky yarn  Terraria Unlucky yarn
You can summon a black cat with the unlucky yarn, and it is a 1 in 150 possibilities to drop from a goodie bag.

The black cat us obtained randomly from all monsters during Halloween. You can set your date on your computer anytime from October 20 to November 1, and the goodie bags will drop them. The cat also flies with a small broom similar to a witch.

18. Cursed sapling  Terraria Cursed Sapling

Summoned with a Cursed sapling  Terraria Cursed Sapling2
Cursed Sapling is summoned with the curse sapling. These can drop from the morning wood during The Pumpkin Moon event.

The cursed Sapling has a 2% possibility to drop in wave 4 and increases to 20% in wave 15.

The cursed Sapling emits a small amount of light that can be beneficial in caving. It launches itself with a fiery-looking jet if you get too far away.

19. Pet spider  Terraria Pet Spider

Summoned with a Spider egg  Terraria Spider egg
Spidering summons a pet spider to accompany you around. Spider eggs are released from pumpkins with a 1.79% possibility drop on wave 7 up to a 14.29% possibility drop-in weight 15.

He functions similar to most spiders. Walking on walls when there are walls behind and the floor when there aren’t.

She develops a small web to fly to approach you if you get too far away.

20. Puppy  Terraria Puppy

Summoned with a Dog whistle  Terraria Dog whistle
You can summon a puppy with a dog whistle. The dog-whistle has 1 in 417 possibilities to be discovered in a prison.

The presents are discovered during the Holiday season as a drop from any mob. You can set a time on your computer to any date between December 15-31 and get a present.

The dog also molds his tail around rapidly to fly to you.

21. Baby Grinch  Terraria Baby Grinch

Summoned with a Baby Grinch’s mischief whistle  Terraria Baby Grinchs mischief whistle
The Ice Queen is a possibility to drop a baby grinches mischief whistle at .95% on wave 11 to 1.67% on wave 20.

The Ice Queen will engender a baby Grinch pet. He also has a small red balloon, which he will use the fly if he needs.

22. Mini Minotaur  Terraria Mini Minotaur

Summoned with Tartar sauce  Terraria Tartar sauce
Tartar sauce is a 4.8% possibility to drop from iron crates.

The Tartar sauce will engender several mini Minotaur, which also molds a small hammer to fly.

23. Zephyr fish  Terraria Zephyr fish

Summoned with a Zephyr fish  Terraria Zephyr fish2
The Zephyr fish summons the Zephyr fish pet. It has 1 in 800 with 50% and 1-400 possibilities to be discovered with 100% fishing power.

If you fly far away he won’t do anything faster and he doesn’t teleport.

24. Companion cube  Terraria Companion cube

Summoned with a Companion cube  Terraria Companion cube2
The companion cube is 1 in 150 possibilities of being traded by the traveling merchant. The companion cube requires 5 platinum, making it the most expensive item in the game.

It has some unusual characteristics similar to if you’re in complete darkness. The key will exterminate you if you are low on health.

The companion cube makes the lunatic cultist death sound when it touches lava. If you keep it submerged in lava long enough it will make the moon Lord’s death sound.

25. Propeller Gato  Terraria Propellor Gato

Summoned with a Gato egg  Terraria Gato egg
The Gato egg summons the propeller Gato egg. It has a 16.67% possibility or 25% in expert mode to drop from dark mages in the tier 1 old Army event and an 8.33% possibility of being dropped in tier 2 and 3 events.

The Gato egg refers to the propeller cat in dungeon defenders, as Gato means cat in Spanish. He can keep up with your character’s speed.

26. Hoardagron  Terraria Hoardagron

Summoned with a Dragon egg  Terraria Dragon egg
You summon the Hoardragon with a dragon egg, which you receive from the Dark mage and the old Army event.

The Hoardragon has similar drop possibilities as the Gato egg and functions similarly, and it just looks different.


The list above concludes the list of pets available on the PC version of Terraria.

However, there are even more pets in Terraria, but the following are exclusive to the old generation console and mobile versions. We will quickly analyze them. First the old generation console pets.

1. Bat Terraria Bat

The vial of blood is descended from vampire miners and summons a pet bat which assaults opponents.

2. The Guinea pig  Terraria Guinea pig

You can summon the guinea pig with cabbage dropped by Dragon Snatchers.

3. Pet Slime  Terraria Pet Slime

Shadow Slime can drop a petri dish, giving you a small blue slime pet.

4. Pet Tihpia  Terraria Pet Tihpia

Dragon hornets can release beeswax, which engenders a pet Tiphia. A pet hornet damages opponents on contact, but it doesn’t seek out opponents.

5. The Werewolf pet  Terraria Werewolf Pet

Werewolf pet summoned with a wolf fang from werewolves.

6.  The Zombie  Terraria Zombie

You can summon a zombie pet with the brain dropped by the groom.

You discover all these pet summoning items in gold chests, and these pets were on consoles before the 1.3 patch.

After the patch, every exclusive console items were removed from the game. All these pet summoning items were replaced with gold bunnies in your character’s inventory.

Here are a few more mobile exclusive pets.

1.  The Elfa  Terraria Elfa

It’s a pet Elfa summoned with the Holiday bauble received while randomly trimming trees down during the holiday season.

2. Pet Cupid  Terraria Pet Cupid

When mining gems, you can randomly find a broken heart crystal during Valentine’s Day, and it sums a small pet Cupid.

3. Worm pet  Terraria Worm Pet

You can get a suspicious-looking Apple that summons a worm pet from various worm opponents. This pet talks uttering lines from the game, and words inspire it.

4. Old Lady  Terraria Old Lady

An old walking staff can be purchased from the clothier for 1 platinum and summons an old lady as a pet.

5. Pet Turkey  Terraria Pet Turkey

You can get a turkey feather from the merchant for 10 gold during Thanksgiving. This will give you a pet turkey to accompany you around.

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