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Did you ever wonder with which mods you should play Rimworld? We will recommend a couple of great mods that are at least worth a try, but I guess you will love them all in the end. You will probably have never used or even heard of most of the mods. These mods are not game-changing, but are more quality of life improvements or funny additions that will make your life in Rimworld easier or potentially harder. We enjoyed playing with these mods, and the mods creators did not pay us for recommending any of their work. You will find the links to the Steam Workshop in the description of the mod. Check them out, in our opinion, these are currently the best Rimworld mods.

1. A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics by spoontacular

Do you also want to perform surgery on your pets and animals? With this mod, now you can. It’s also perfect for training and improving the medical skills of your pawns. Get the mod here.

Rimworld A Dog Said Animal Prosthetics

2. Allow Tool by UnlimitedHugs

This mod makes managing the numerous items in this game much more manageable. Say goodby to multiple clicking an item and ordering your pawns what to do with it. With this mod, you set the order once, and your pawns automatically execute your orders when the occasion arises. This mod will save you a lot of time micromanaging items. Get the mod here.

Rimworld Allow Tool

3. Almost there! by roolo

Did you ever get into a situation where your caravan is just hours away from their destination? Yet, they don’t want to continue traveling? This mod resolves this issue. You can push your pawns to travel just a little bit further so they reach their final destination. You can also force rest or never let your pawns in the caravan rest. Mod here.

Rimworld Almost There

4. Alpha Animals by Sarg Bjornson

This mod adds 100+ new, vanilla-friendly creatures to the diverse biomes of Rimworld. The new creatures ad some new mechanics into the game, and the mechanics can either be simple or more complex. For example, some creatures are walking tanks, living resource farms or indestructible plant monsters, and so on.

This mod also adds a new faction of insects, the Black Hive. You can disable this faction via Mod Options.

Go ahead and give this mod a try. Can you find all the animals? Mod here.

Rimworld Alpha Animals

5. Auto-Cut Blight by Razor 2.3

This mod is straightforward but effective. You have to designate the blighted plants to be cut automatically as the blight spreads. It works like fire and firefighting, and pawns will no longer prioritize their needs above their own needs. Mod here

6. Beautiful Outdoors by Meltup

In Rimworld Vanilla pawns perception of nature is quite harsh. This mod adjusts the beauty and ugly modifiers for terrain and flora. Most notable are the flowers and rock chunks, which have received a significant buff. Mod here.

Rimworld Beautiful Outdoors

7. Better Pawn Control by VouLT

This mod allows you to set your pawns and animals to outfits, areas, drugs, and food in one action. Switch them at will and develop different policies for your colonists. Find the mod here.

8. Bionic Icons by AUTOMATIC

Another straightforward mod. This mod changes the body part boxes and adds icons depending on what’s inside. Find the mod here

Rimworld Bionic Icons

9. CleaningArea by Hatti

Opposite to Rimworld Vanilla, where the whole home area gets cleaned, you set a specific area to clean up with this mod. Find the mod here.

10. Color Coded Mood Bar by PorqueNoLosDos

The name of this mod says it all. Each pawn’s mood bar within the colonist bar is based on their current mood. The mood bar will be red if a colonist is at or under their extreme mental risk break threshold. A significant mental break risk is orange and yellow when the pawn’s mood is at or under the minor mental break threshold. The mood bar will be light blue if the pawn is not under any mental break threshold. Find the mod here

Rimworld Color Coded Mood Bar

11. Common Sense by Avil

This mod gives your colonists some common sense and lets them act a bit smarter. For example, your pawn will clean the surgery room before performing the surgery on a colonist. Therefore, increasing the success chance of the surgery. However, there are more intelligent tweaks like these the mod does. Check it out. Find the mod here.

12. Crafting Quality Rebalanced by Phomor

Are you getting awful quality from a level 20 crafter? With this mod, this will never happen again. This mod rebalances the item crafting quality. The mod affects everything where the quality of the product is determined by the crafter’s skill, which would be smithing, tailoring, construction, and art. Get the mod here.

13. Damage Indicators [1.3] by CaesarV5

You no longer need to wonder how much damage your pawns or enemies take. This mod shows how much injury has been taken—a simple but handy mod. Get the mod here

14. Defensive Positions by UnlimitedHugs

It’s a great mod that lets your colonists remember their position during the base defense. Send your colonists with a single click to their positions. Especially useful when you are playing with a lot of colonists. Get the mod here.

15. DontBlockDoor by tikubonn

This mod is essential. Are your doors regularly wedged open? And as a result, temperature leaks out, or prisoners are escaping, or worse, invaders rushing in? With this mod, you will never have pawns placing stuff in the doorway ever again, and your doors will now be appropriately closed. Find the mod here.

16. Draggable Corners [1.3] by Bob

With this mod, you can now designate conduits, sandbags, etc., in L shapes. Also, walls and other impassable buildings in hollow rectangles. Find the mod here.

17. Dubs Mint Menus by Dubwise

This mod adds new list boxes. For instance, recipe bills, health bills, plant selection, and so on, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running.

And a lot more features such as a plant selection UI with a search function, scaling options, infocard on mouse-over, etc. This mod has a lot of valuable and essential elements. Worth checking out. Get the mod here.

18. Dubs Mint Minimap by Dubwise

Add a minimap to your game where you have some additional options you can add and use. Also useful when you are playing a multiplayer game. Find the mod here.

19. Gunplay by AUTOMATIC

Get more cinematic effects to weapons. All changes are purely cosmetic but look fantastic. For example, long trails for projectiles, projectile comes from the gun’s barrel and not from the colonist’s body. And so on. Check it out and give it a try. Modlink here.

20. Harmony by Brrainz

A must-have mod. This mod does nothing in itself. However, one of your mods most likely depends on it to work correctly. Modlink here.

21. Heat Map by falconne

This mod adds a toggle button to show a live temperature-based color gradient over indoor areas in your base. The gradient uses the familiar color scheme of green as the midpoint for human comfort (in the game 22C / 71.6F), becoming deeper blue or red for colder and hotter rooms, respectively. Very useful for managing the temperature levels in your base. Modlink here.

22. Hugslib by UnlimitedHugs

This mod is a library that provides shared functionality for other mods.
Make sure that HugsLib comes right after Core in your mod load order for best results. Another must-have mod for making other mods run correctly. Get the mod here.

23. Just Ignore Me Passing by Brrainz

You will no longer get pawns interrupting work by other pawns passing through the blueprint/unfinished work under construction. Get the mod here.

24. Level Up! by krafs

Get a customizable notification when a colonist levels up. Find the mod here.

25. LWM’s Deep Storage by Lilwhitemouse

LWM’s Deep Storage solves a massive problem with the dumping of stuff on the floor. All that dumping takes up an enormous amount of real estate. Especially if your farming and mining a lot. This mod organizes all your supplies, loot, clothes, and your garbage. Store your weapons in weapon lockers, your clothing in clothing racks, and so on.

Keep your base tidy with this mod. It will take some time to organize things accurately, but you will find all your stuff quicker. Get the mod here.

Rimworld LWM Deep Storage

26. Map Reroll by UnlimitedHugs

Quickly randomize your starting map and steam vents locations. All the other stuff, like scenario, colonists, items, and so on, stays the same. Find the mod here.

27. Medical Tab by Fluffy

This mod adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance. Find the mod here.

28. Music Manager by Fluffy

Do you enjoy your music when playing Rimworld. With this mod you can manage your music as you play. Get the mod here.

29. Numbers by Mehni

Mod adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is or assign gear optimally. Mod here.

30. Numbers Trait AddOn by telardo

Add support for showing pawn’s traits in the Numbers panel. Hence you can quickly check who you want in hundreds of enemies or visitors without clicking on them one by one. You can also sort and customize whatever color you want to display for each trait to distinguish them quickly. Mod here.

31. Performance Optimizer by Taranchuk

Performance Optimizer is a mod, which adds various performance tweaks to the game. Its goal is to boost your game performance to some degree if you are already struggling with it. With this mod, you might expect about 20-35% of performance gains, but it largely depends on your modlist and current TPS. Get the mod here.

32. Pick Up And Haul by Mehni and Uuugggg

Colonists will gather stuff in their inventory, then haul it all to a stockpile.

This hauling mod will significantly increase hauling efficiency because pawns can now carry more than one gun or t-shirt. Those intelligent colonists can use their inventory! You must see it to believe it. Get the mod here.

33. Plant Human by Lingluc

The most hilarious and useful mod is Plant Human. This mod lets you plant and grow a human, just like all the other crops you cultivate in a grow zone. You will get the option to plant a Wildling Cocoon, which works just like all the other plants. You don’t need any special skills to plant them. Once it’s fully grown, it will produce a wildling man or woman. You can then attempt to tame them and let them join your colony. Arrest them and treat them as a prisoner. Or hunt them for food.

It can work as an easy way to grow your colony quickly, sell them as slaves, or as a meat source for your cannibalistic settlement. You can get the mod here.

Hopefully, you have found some of these mods exciting and that you will check them out. These are currently the best mods for Rimworld to improve the quality of life, are funny, and potentially make the game harder. There are hundreds of great Rimworld mods out there, and these were just a few of them that I enjoyed playing recently.

Rimworld Plant Human

34. P-Music by Peppsen

Adds 39 new fan-made songs to RimWorld made by Peppsen, ZumZum and SpacekatTommy. Mod here.

35. Quality Of Building by Heeta

Get different textures for different quality of buildings, weapons, and other things. Mod here.

36. Qualitybuilder by Hatti

With QualityBuilder, all buildings with quality (beds, tables, etc.) will only be built by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will bring in the materials, but only the best one will create it. Mod here.

37. QualitySurgeon by Hatti

Only the doctor with the best surgery success chance will perform surgeries. If he is on the table, the next best one will operate.

Of course, only doctors with some movement and manipulation can perform surgeries! Suppose your doctor with the best surgery success chance is incapable of walking (not downed) or manipulation. In that case, the next best one will be performing the surgery. Get mod here.

38. Replace Stuff by Uuugggg

You can place buildings anywhere, on top of existing things, and the game will handle it.

– Replace the stuff that the building is made from (replace a wooden wall with a slate one).
– Upgrade things: like doors to auto doors, beds to larger beds, workbenches to the electric version.
– Build over rocks, water, or undiscovered areas – rocks will be mined away, and bridges built over water to make way for construction.
– Destroyed buildings that are auto-rebuilt will remember their settings.
– Over-wall Coolers so you don’t need to break a wall to install a cooler. Get the mod here.

39. Rimhud by Jaxe

Rimhud changes the look of the default HUD in the game. It expanse on it with default information of character. It makes it easier to see at a glance if a colonist is tired, hungry, and so on. You will also get a nice breakdown of all of their skills. You will no longer need to open up the character panel to find out if your character is good at shooting or not. If you hover over their detailed characteristics, you will get a breakdown of why, for instance, your colonist is getting close to a significant break risk. Or how many experience points they need to reach their next level in smithing. You can also tweak what is displayed and how it looks by accessing HUD options.

At first, the layout will be overwhelming to look at, but once you get used to it, you will use this in every playthrough. You can get the mod here.

Rimworld Mod RimHUD by Jaxe

40. Room Sense by falconne

Get toggleable panels to show relevant room stats, such as beauty, cleanliness, etc., over appropriate rooms using graphical meters and optionally a colored overlay.

You get a quicker overview of the room environment than the inspection tool. Mod here.

Rimworld Room Sense

41. RPG Style Inventory (Original Style) by Ben

If you are looking for a better visual representation of what your colonists are wearing? And if you like roleplaying games as well, check out RPG style inventory. This mod changes the default inventory scheme for one that looks like the classic default roleplaying games. It makes it easy to see what your colonists are wearing at a glance. You can see which slots they have equipped their items in. And if you are using mods with extra equipment, like rings and boots. It will show them as well. Apparel quality is also easily recognizable by the color of the border. Normal is blue, good is green, excellent is purple, and so on. It also shows if an item is tainted if a corpse wore it.

In case you ever get bored of this layout, with a click of a button, you can switch back to the default layout. You can get the mod here.

Rimworld Mod RPG Style Inventory by Sandy

42. Scattered Flames by Owlchemist

This graphical mod attempts to make the fire look more organic. They are given random offsets, no longer restricted to one fire graphic per cell, and emit smoke and other particle effects. Mod here.

Rimworld Scattered Flames

43. Share The Load by Uuugggg

With this mod, multiple colonists can deliver resources to a blueprint simultaneously. Share The Load tracks what is needed and doesn’t deliver too much material. Various colonists can also clear things out of the way for construction.

Would you believe trees in the way of construction jobs didn’t get cut by designated woodcutters? Well, now they do.

Option to deliver even if there’s not enough to finish the building. Get the mod here.

44. Show Draftees Weapon by Targhetti

The mod shows a pawn’s weapon icon on the colonist bar. When you draft a pawn, their equipped weapon icon will display under the pawn’s avatar on the colonist banner. With the latest mod version, you can now change the settings to allow weapons to be shown regardless of a pawn’s drafted status and while they are traveling. Mod here.

Rimworld Show Draftees Weapon

45. Simple FX: Smoke by Owlchemist

This mod makes buildings throughout the game emit smoke or vapor particles when they are in use. It is a purely graphical mod and does not impact gameplay any, and you can add or remove it at any time. Get the mod here.

46. Simply More Bridges (Continued) by Mile

A simple mod that adds more bridges types on top of the wood bridges that Rimworld core provides. The heavy bridges work the same way as wooden ones and support heavy structures. You can build deepwater bridges in deep water, making these new bridges out of steel, plasteel, and stone types. Mod here

47. Smart Turret Covering by denev

Place your turrets next to all coverable things like barricades, sandbags, etc., just like with your pawns. Get mod here

Rimworld Smart Turret Covering

48. Smarter Construction by Hultis

Stop your pawns from constantly building themselves into a wall or blocking something that hasn’t been created yet. Great for filling sapper tunnels and rebuilding walls. Find the mod here.

49. Stabilize Here by Linkolas

Instead of taking colonists to bed, let’s you tend to downed colonists right where they are. A true lifesaver! Doctors won’t take the time to search for medicine; this is intended as an emergency action.

The tending action is kept vanilla for its calculations. The vanilla calculations mean you’ll probably have bad tending quality (no medicine used, no bed bonus, probably filth around), but the bleeding has stopped. Find the mod here.

50. Trait Rarity Colors by Carny Senpai

This mod colors the traits based on their rarity. The mod does not indicate how good these traits are, though. Find the mod here

Rimworld Trait Rarity Colors

51. Vanilla Expanded Framework by Oskar Potocki

Vanilla Expanded Framework incorporates various functionalities for different mods to boost performance by not duplicating code across several mods. Examples of shared functionality include custom base generation code with a fantastic building export tool, customisable sieges, faction-based pack animal textures, faction based apparel colouring system, Orion’s Faction Discovery revamped and improved, Item processor code, shields, and many, many others. MOd here.

52. Wall Light by Murmur

These lights go directly on your walls. If the wall they are on gets deconstructed/destroyed, they too will be destroyed. It comes in pretty handy in maximizing the usable floor space. Mod here.

Rimworld Wall Light

53. WeaponStats by bodlosh

Adds a new “Weapons” tab, which lists all ranged, melee, explosive weapons and apparel on the current map. You can see weapons/apparel on the ground, equipped by your colonists, enemies, friendlies, etc. You can sort by any attributes imaginable. Find the mod here.

54. While You’re Up / PUAH+ by codeoptimist

Opportunistic hauling; haul-to-inventory improvements (if Pick Up And Haul is installed). A must-have with PUAH. Compatible with existing saves. Any load order. Get the mod here.

55. [FSF] Fifth Vanishes With Rain And Time by FrozenSnowFox

This mod patches all definitions with the <filth> field, first it removes all existing tags, then it adds tags, so filth vanishes in 14-15 days and washes away with rain/snow. What does this mean? It means every type of filth in the game and every kind of filth added by mods should vanish with rain/snow and disappear after 14-15 days. In vanilla, this is typically between 35-50 days. As a result, this mod rain/snow will now clean your map. Any undercover areas, forgotten and not cleaned for a long time, will eventually become clean on their own.

The following types of filth and more will now be washed away by rain/snow and vanish over time. Get the mod here.

56. [KV] Rimfridge by Klame Vivacity

Adds refrigerated racks to keep food and other perishables cold. Ideal for use in dining rooms, freeing up labor from feeding prisoners, or keeping food on hand for cooks.

Floor based RimFridges come in 1×1, 2×1 and 2×2 versions,
Wall based RimFridges come in 1×1 and 2×1 versions.
Prisoners can use refrigerators.

RimFridges can now act like hoppers when placed next to Nutrient Paste Dispensers. Only the cells adjacent to the Dispenser will work. See the fourth screen shot for more information. Mod here.

Rimworld Rimfridge

57. [KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats by Klame Vivacity

Show hair for all hats. Select which hats do hide hair from Mod Settings. Hide All Hats from Mod Settings. It will work with mods that add new hats. Modlink here

Rimworld Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

Thanks to the talented modders, this list has become a pretty long one. With their mods, they improved on an already great game that Rimwold vanilla is. Therefore, we are very grateful for all the modders and for giving us so many additional hours of gameplay.

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